Conspiracy to Break Hindu Unity’

hinduismHindu Aikya Vedi state general secretary Kummanam Rajasekharan has said that a conspiracy is being hatched in the state by political parties and other organisations to destroy the unity of the Hindu community.

He was speaking to mediapersons at a function here on Friday. He said that all the parties have neglected the Hindu community thinking that it does not possess collective strength.

“The political leaders are making deliberate attempts not to unite Hindu organisations and sections. But they please the Christian and Muslim leaderships realising that they have strength. The Sabarimala temple provides `10,000 crore to the state treasury. Yet it faces neglect. But the government spends crores of rupees for Haj pilgrimage. The Hindu community is noticing this partiality and soon we will exhibit our strength through unity,” Kummanam said.

He said that the recent allegations against Mata Amritanandamayi Math is also the part of a conspiracy aimed at destroying the Hindu community.

“Hindu unity will be a reality sooner or later. The Dharmaraksha Sangamam on Sunday in Kochi is a major step in this direction. Almost all the leaders in the Hindu community will participate in the event.

“The unity among Hindu community had strengthened in the past and going forward it will be stronger. Since diversity is the beauty in the community, it is not easy to unite all of its various sections,” he said.

Source: The New Indian Express