Hindu Student Leaders Deepen Ties to Sanatana Dharma at HSC Meet



The Hindu Students Council (HSC) held its Annual Leadership Meet to educate college students from around the country about how to be world-class stewards of Sanatana Dharma in the United States.

The Annual Leadership Meet was attended by 30 students representing 12 universities.

The event offered Hindu youth an opportunity to learn about how they can support and grow their college HSC chapters by networking at a national level with other motivated young leaders and the national executive board.

“I am so happy I got an opportunity to meet and learn so much from everyone that was there. Our conversation definitely motivated me to become a better leader/person not only at my own university, but for all of Hindu Students Council as a whole. Thank you for that,” said Sai Saroja Kolluru, a junior at Stony Brook University.

Participants learned publicity and fundraising skills from experienced HSC alumni, and the national leaders facilitated discussions on the best practices for representing Sanatana Dharma at events on campus.

Students also learned how the national HSC leadership team can provide educational and other resources to help them organize and fund events at their chapters. The event provided an open forum to learn the basics of Hinduism and current issues affecting the Hindu-American community as well.

“Our generation of young Hindus needs to be educated on the fundamentals of Hinduism, its philosophy and overall spirituality underlying Dharma. HSC serves as a portal for young Hindus to learn about Hindu heritage and actively take up the torch of Dharma, thus creating empowered, educated leadership to support the future of Hinduism,” said HSC President Ravindra Jaishankar.

Prominent Hindu community leaders, like Princeton University Hindu chaplain Vineet Chander and Hindu scholar Aditi Banerjee, attended the event and presented talks that highlighted the significance of engaging in Dharmic advocacy work.

Source: India West