Conversions in 50,000 villages during the COVID-19 pandemic in India

One missionary organisation says the pandemic had bigger results than their work in the last 25 years

The whole world was mourning in the face of COVID-19 pandemic. It was obvious that many fell ill, or were hit with financial crises.  Many lost their loved ones.  And weaker sections of the society were in desperate need of some financial assistance. Perfect conditions for Christian missionaries  to take advantage of certain people and drag them into their conversion trap.

In a recent interview with Missionary Network News (MNN), unfoldingWord’s CEO David Reeves gave a statement, that “In just one year nearly 50,000 churches were built in 50,000 new villages in India”.  Which is very alarming! UnfoldwingWord ministry mainly focuses on translating bible and partners with church planting missionaries.


This is how church planting works in the Indian context. Missionaries choose a village or a place having more number of people from different religions like Hindus.  They slowly introduce Jesus to them and work there by providing for their needs.  The downside is that missionaries also spread hate against other religions until every person in the village converts to Christianity.  After all villagers convert, then they declare it as a Christ village. For this purpose they construct or in their terms plant a church in every Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist majority village.  They do not normally work in Muslim majority villages.

UnfoldingWords proudly mentioned that they achieved more than what they have done in  25years in India, during this pandemic alone. And it calls pandemic as a blessing to run their conversion business.

On the other hand, many state governments were taking donations from temple devotees to temple management boards, in an effort to save them from financial ruin. There is no restriction and check on foreign funds directly coming into local church bodies for conversions.  Church planting is one of the main ways for Christian missionaries to take advantage of weaker sections of society. Like vultures they act, taking advantage of their sad situation and convert them. Which will lead our country to face a huge demographic challenge. Which comes with social upheaval, as many parts of India have seen an increase in destruction of temples, insulting other’s religious beliefs and also turning them against their own country.

Source: Mission Kali