‘Delete Bad Google Reviews Of My Property Or Face Consequence’ – Resort Owner To Customer


May 12, 2017
Near Karjat, Maharastra

A customer, Reyaz (name changed) booked a bungalow near Karjat with an upcoming
rental bungalow booking company based out of Mumbai owner by Hindu owners.

The booking was successful for Rs. 12000 for one night, incidentally the Bungalow in near Karjat also belongs to a person from Muslim community, Afroz (name changed). When Reyaz visited the bungalow with his family, the owner called the booking company on phone with the customer support representative and started shouting, complaining on the poor facilities. Reyaz on phone said that towels, soaps are not available in the bungalow, the company representative told the customer that he was informed in advanced on the available items at the Bungalow. As there was no electricity in Lonavala during that night for some time, the customer became further aggravated. When the company contacted Afroz, he as a courtesy activated the inverter so that fans and tube lights are on.

Next noon, customer, Reyaz family put very bad reviews on Google on the condition of the bungalow. When the Bungalow owner, Afroz saw that review early morning, he started threatening the client on phone with dire consequences an said he has with links to mafia dons in Mumbai and started harassed the customer with threats of physical attack if he doesn’t delete his online reviews about his bungalow.

The booking company, owned by Hindu owners later set up a conference call between the Afroz,  bungalow owner and Reyaz, the customer. After a detailed talks and intervention by the booking firm, the client was pacified. But the owner, Afroz further started threatening the client, Reyaz with dire consequences and other threats to his life and family in Mumbai, as a result Reyaz was very upset and he said on phone that he will put more bad reviews online about the extremely bad reviews and the owner misbehavior like a goon so that no unaware customer books his property and will log a complain with police if any harm comes to him or his family.

Finally, after more talks and intervene by more Muslim community members intervention, the client agreed to remove the reviews.

Later the company owners have now decided to not put the properties of Afroz on their booking portal citing severe misbehavior, threats and a criminal mindset.

Source: WHN