Does Monotheism Kill Spirituality?


By Ajay Nemade

Monotheist says, “God is one, my God is true and your God is false”. This kills spirituality. In spirituality there is no my God or your God. God is the same for all humanity, whether they believe him in any form. Monotheist insists on their own God which is actually their imagination on a particular image developed by their founders of religion. This is delusion and their perception about God. This is not acceptable to Spirituality.

Spirituality believes in humanity that all people are equal whether they believe your God or not. Monotheism divides humanity in two parts- believer and non-believer. Spirituality does not divide humanity like this. Actually monotheism is ideology which wants to rule on people through their particular faith and collect Tax or zakaat from them in the name of religion. In monotheism, the head of state and the head of religion is a same person i.e. pope or khalif. In secularism, these two posts should be separated. Since in monotheism, the head of state and head of religion is same persons, he reject existence of non-believers and killed them or expel them from his region. This kills spirituality.

Monotheism organize people by offering congregational prayer daily. This congregation create crowd, then they incite the crowd in the name of God by giving sermon or lecture and use followers for their ideology which they develop in the name of monotheism. Monotheist Religion means a particular system of faith. This religion is an organization establishes by their founder on the basis of faith. They created God. Written Books and marketed it.

Monotheism says there is only one way to God. But God can be reached by so many ways, but they insist only one path, by doing this they are imposing limitation, it is not freedom of thoughts. Monotheism rejects freedom of faiths. This kills spirituality. The Mahabharata describes the eightfold path of Dharma (Spirituality).”Worship, study, charity, austerity, truth, forgiveness, compassion and freedom from greed, this is the eightfold path to Dharma. The first four can also be performed by a hypocrite, but the last four can only exist in a great soul.”Monotheist performs worship, study, charity and austerity only. Apart from this, Spirituality insists on truth, forgiveness, compassion and freedom from greed.

Spirituality sees oneness in all soul or being, there is no division of human being as believers & non-believers. There is no killing of non-believers. There is no allurement of heaven or terrorism of hell.Insisting one form of God in the name of monotheism is actually mono-idolatry. Mono-idolatry says their God is true and other’s are falls, this creates clashes and conflict in humanity in the name of God. Hence this is against spirituality.

Spirituality is not about monotheism or polytheism or atheism etc. It is about good deed, Truth, freedom of faiths. But monotheism limits good deed, truth and freedom of faiths for their followers, not for non-believers. Hence monotheism kills spirituality.

Source: The Chakra