Opinion: Hindu Monotheism

Hindu Monotheism

By Ajay Nemade

Hindu monotheism is very interesting and attractive subject. Hindu Monotheism is far different from Judaist (abrahmic) monotheism ( i.e. monotheism of Jew, Christen and Islam). It is not ideology or any dogmatism, it is just common belief of all Hindu that the God of mankind is one.

As per Hindu philosophy, monotheism means only one way to the God and polytheism means several ways to the God. In both cases, the God is one.
For example, if you want to go to the city- New Delhi, and Government authorize only one way to the New Delhi. This is kind of policy or ideology is monotheism. In reality, there are several ways to reach the city-New Delhi. You can reach to the New Delhi by Road, by train, by Air, by any direction-East, West, North or south. This is polytheism.

In both cases, the city-New Delhi is only one. As like, Hindu believes in one God, they say there are so many ways to reach the God. This is Hindu monotheism. Hindu belief is that despite there are several names or forms of God, the God of all human being is One. There are so many Hindus are monotheist such as followers of Arya Samaj, Brahmkumari, Mahanubhav, Varkari Sect etc. They follow monotheism.

Hindu believes in one God. They say God is one for all mankind. Veda says the God is unseen and formless. The best and greatest name of the God is \(AUM/OM). The God is not male, female or transgender, it is beyond gender. The name \ is also not male, female or transgender, it is beyond gender.

Source: The Chakra