‘Don’t wait for govt to establish Hindu nation’

Hinduism-is-not-a-ReligionPONDA: The third All India Hindu Convention currently under way at Ramnathi in Ponda taluka expressed disappointment over the present political situation in the nation and appealed to Hindus not to depend on political will to establish ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Hindu nation).

After the ‘shankhnaad’ (recital of conch), Swami Pradiptanand Maharaj, east India chief of Bharat Sevashram Sangh inaugurated the convention by lighting a traditional lamp in the presence of Ishwarbuva Ramdasi, chief of Samarth Ramdas swami Sampraday in Maharshtra; Suresh Chawhanke, director of Sudarshan channel; Charudatta Pingale, national guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and others at the Ramnathi temple hall on Friday morning.

The week-long convention organized by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) between June 20 and 26 will express the problems of Hindus across the world. The first day of the convention was attended by over 325 delegates from 125 organizations working for the Hindu cause in Sri Lanka, Bangaladesh, Nepal and in 20 states of India, claimed the HJS.

Pingale said it is dangerous to believe that the Hindu nation would be established by a change in political party at the Centre. “The BJP government has diverted itself from the ideologies of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Savarkar. The BJP flag is also just half saffron,” he said.

Quoting Swami Vivekananda’s work, Swami Pradiptanand Maharaj appealed to Hindus to ignite Kshatratej with the Brahmatej to fight ill treatment of Hindus.

Neel Madhav Das claimed that post liberation governments are more dangerous than the British, Portuguese or Mughals. These foreign rulers demolished Hindu temples to establish their empires in India but the people’s elected governments enact laws to take money from Hindu temples and distribute it to other religious organizations.

Source: Times of India