After the murder of Hindu Munnani leader, Muslim Jihad threat to Tamil Nadu

Tamil-Nadu-NewskeralaChennai, June 20 (TruthDive): Muslim Jihadis are likely to create communal trouble across the State and the police has alerted district units to be on the alert. This follows after the murder of Hindu Munnani leader on the outskirts of the city. The timely intervention by police had averted a communal clash.

‘Padi’ Suresh, a Hindu Munnani leader was hacked to death by unknown persons. Suresh was leading a campaign against a religious group (non-Hindus) who he alleged had encroached lands of a temple.

Hindu Munnani got information that Muslim Jihad groups had planned to kill four of the activists across the State. They identified one of the targets who is an activist in Nagercoil and alerted him. The organization also alerted possible targets. They never suspected that Suresh could be a victim as he is not very militant in his approach. He was a group leader to those residents who had come from his home town and were staying in the neighbourhood.

In the past three years, eight Hindu Munnani leaders were killed in various parts of the State by Muslim Jihad groups. The last murder was at Chennai in June this year. Munnani activists say that all the killers in these cases have come out on bail and roaming freely. The style of the attack has the Muslim Jihad stamp on it as they use the butcher knife to maim and then cut off the neck.

Hindu outfits say that the Muslim Jihadis targeted Suresh to drive fear among the activists as a man who is soft spoken. When the least active among them could be killed, then the most vocal among them will fear to work.

Police are yet to crack the train blast in Chennai which is said to be a handiwork of a Muslim Jihad outfit. An ISI operative from Colombo was nabbed in Ramanathapuram with fake notes and a plan to target US embassy in the city.

Source: Truth Dive