DRPC Why the Dharmic vote has “Gold Dust” value for the May 2015 Elections?


Re DRPC – Why the Dharmic vote has “Gold Dust” value for the May 2015 Elections?
You are one of the people who I believe could be a Policy Activist and play an important role in informing and enthusing a small circle of your family & friends to change the face of politics for the Dharmic communities in the UK in May 2015. Please take a bit of time to read through this 500 word email, fill in the survey that will take you approx. 5 min and read the 2 links we have provided. Another 5 min each. Then let us speak and see what we can do together.
For the last 45+ years, the political parties have been “harvesting” our votes without respecting the 30+ parliamentary and countless local council seats we contribute to them. On some key issues the parties have actually worked against our interests.
With the fracturing of Labour and Conservative votes to UKIP, each Dharmic vote has acquired “gold dust” value in EVERY constituency in UK. The Dharmic voters could determine who forms the next Govt with 30+ key seats. Possibly for the 1st time, the Dharmic voters can become politically significant.
So how are we to deploy ourselves and influence politics?
Dharma Sewa Purvapaksha (DSP) is a media company publishing in both the printed and digital medium serving the Dharmic community. DSP has initiated the “Dharma Raksha Political Campaign (DRPC)” for the 2015 Elections.
The key objectives of DRPC are to
1. Raise awareness of the “gold dust” value of each & every one of the Dharmic votes.
2. To evaluate key policies proposed by the political parties that could have an impact on the Dharmic community. Equally to report on policies the political parties are “avoiding / missing”.
3. To share an impact assessment report of these key policy areas so that each of us can make the correct choice of which party and which candidate to vote for. i.e. what is in your family and community’s best interests. 
Dharmic Ideas & Policy Foundation (DIPF) as a think tank will be analysing the policies, data and producing the reports.
How can you help and do your bit in DRPC?
1. Fill in the online survey below and share it with your friends and family to do like wise. It is a 5 min mostly a tick box survey. Sign up in the survey to become an Activist. Tick “yes” to question 10. We will forward details of how as an activist you will help but also gain.
Please click on this link for the survey. goo.gl/YrA8i0
2. Raise the Dharmic communities awareness and profile by putting up the DRPC poster on your front door & window. See the link below. Drop us an email / text and we will arrange for these to be delivered to you.  

3. Get a better understanding of where the Dharmic community is currently and how DSP and DIPF is working to help make the Dharmic community significant politically and in policy.

We look forward to your feedback and engagement.


Mukesh Naker

Managing Editor

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