Due to respect, Hindu women cover their head

Why Indian Women Cover Their Head?“Hindu women have always been labelled as traditional. Covering heads, wearing bindis, laden with ornaments, traditional clothes and so many other things sets Indian Hindu women apart from the rest. The practice of covering heads in India has been a matter of curiosity for most of us, including those who are new to our culture.

Covering head or putting a ghoonghat (half covered face from saari / chunni) is often seen as a mark of respect. Married women are supposed to pull off a ghoonghat or head veil in front of elder male members of the family. In very traditional and rural areas, women use their sari to completely cover the face and neck, concealing their identity to males.

There is a small minority of women that use the fabric to cover their whole face, chest, arms, and stomach. This type of veiling is still popular with brides and is observed on the wedding day. Many new brides will use the ghungat until their father-in-law advises to unveil. This is to keep the modesty of the bride. “

Source: Boldsky