Effects of ‘Hindu Garjana Sabha’ held to create awareness about Islamic Univ at Tirupati

Photo of Hindu Garjana Sabha held at Tirupati

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had organized ‘Hindu Garjana Sabha’ on 20th December to oppose construction of ‘Heera Islamic University’ at Tirupati Shri Balaji, the pilgrimage place of Hindus. The Government, however, opposed this ‘sabha’; as a result, HJS activists had to hold the ‘sabha’ despite opposition of the Government. When the ‘sabha’ was held successfully and Sri Gurudev was informed about the same, he said whatever was required, was obtained. It showed that the basic purpose of HJS is to create awareness amongst Hindus, unite them and make such united Hindus become active; and which purpose was served. It was experienced and the meaning of what Sri Gurudev  said, became clear. Given below are experiences we had in this connection.

1. Propagation carried out through different means to create awareness amongst local Hindus !

One thing was strongly realized while propagating about the ‘sabha’ was that most of the local people had no knowledge about Islamic University under construction. Propagation was done using different means like by going door to door and explaining the subject, going around in rickshaw making announcements; displaying posters, distributing handbills etc. to create awareness amongst people.

2. Awareness created amongst Hindus due to the ‘sabha’

2A. Rickshaw-driver saying that he came to know the truth about University after ‘sabha’ : On the next day after ‘sabha’, all seekers were going to Shri Balaji Temple for ‘darshan’ in a rickshaw when we asked the driver about the University. He said,  “Yesterday, there was a big meeting held here; in which I came to know about it.” On hearing this, all seekers felt lot of gratitude at the holy feet of Sri Gurudev.

2B. News channels video-record the ‘sabha’; show by direct transmission and organize discussion sessions : Out of the main news channels in Andhra Pradesh (AP), 5 news channels recorded the ‘sabha’ and few showed it by direct transmission. As a result, people became serious towards this topic. Few channels organized discussion sessions. ‘Andhra-Jyoti’, the famous newspaper of AP published related news for 5 days continuously.

From all these things, we realized that the purpose of awakening indifferent Hindus which was the main goal of HJS, was achieved.

3. Steps taken for uniting awakened Hindus

3A. An organization named ‘Tirumala Tirupati Pavitrya Samrakshan Vedika’ was set up and drive to oppose University started ! : Few local pro-Hindu activists were trying to oppose construction of University from their side. HJS extended support to such Hindus and Swamijis. Other pro-Hindu organizations from AP have already been connected to HJS through Hindu Convention earlier held in Goa. When they learnt about it, all of them showed willingness to come together and work. In a short time, therefore, all pro-Hindu activists, Swamiji and HJS set up an organization named ‘Tirumala Tirupati Pavitrya Samrakshan Vedika’ and under the aegis of this organization, work related to opposing University was started and with the grace of Srikrushna, we could experience unity created amongst Hindus.

3B. Hundreds of youth registered their names to join Sri Venkateshwar Sena, proposed to be set up for eradication of University : After the ‘sabha’, it was thought to set up a Sena (militia) named ‘Sri Venkateshwar Sena’ to operate till eradication of University. An advertisement was published in newspaper for membership and within 4-5 days after publishing of advertisement, hundreds of youth registered their names to join this ‘Sena’. This helped HJS to unite young generation who are willing to eliminate the danger striking Hindu Dharma and are ready to work selflessly for ‘Hindutva’ coming from all parts of the State and it was observed that such awakened Hindus were united.

4. To motivate awakened Hindus to become active

4A. Inactive pro-Hindu organizations motivated to take part in demonstrations : Few renowned pro-Hindu organizations, that were indifferent towards this problem despite having knowledge, have now started holding demonstrations at different places in AP after HJS held ‘Hindu Garjana Sabha’.

4B. Pro-Hindu activists from different districts show willingness to work for ‘Hindutva’ after learning about Tirupati matter : After the ‘sabha’, pro-Hindu activists, who returned to their respective districts were also curious to know more about Tirupati matter. After learning about the subject, they expressed their wish to work for ‘Hindutva’ under guidance of HJS. Thus, they have been united and working together.


It was learnt from the above what did Shri Gurudev mean when he had said ‘whatever was required, was obtained’. Shri Gurudev is constantly guiding us for going amongst people and rendering selfless service for establishment of Hindu Rashtra; and considering the outcome of this mission, a strong faith was created with such thought that Hindu Rashtra will definitely be established.  I offer immense gratitude at the holy feet of Shri Gurudev. O our most beloved Shri Gururaya, You have given this opportunity to join such high mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra to insignificant souls like us; are constantly teaching us through the medium of seva and giving us such happiness. Whatever gratitude is offered at Your holy feet by us, will be inadequate. You only get seva done from us as expected by You and always grace us, is a prayer, with intense surrender bhava, at Your holy feet.

-Sou. Vinuta Shetty, Andhra Pradesh

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti