Is India safe… What is Ford Foundation?

ford funding, ford foundation, arvind kejriwal manish shishodia funding

ford funding, ford foundation, arvind kejriwal manish shishodia funding

Lot of tweets and buzz doing round about growing presence of Ford Foundation in India and Indian politics. Felt like doing some research on this. Trust me results have been shocking. It really raises questions – IS INDIA SAFE?

What is Ford Foundation?

Always thought that Ford Foundation was a philanthropic organization involved in charity, until I came across few of these links.

Then I realized that in the garb of charity, their mandate is to ensure WASHINGTON’S HEGEMONY (DOMINANCE) in international market. It was established as a front of US’ Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). The modus operandi is to fund people / professions that can influence decision making and policy making – authors, historians, journalists, social activists, media companies, publishers, etc. Digging further on this, I got even more worried, when I saw their increasing interest and presence in Indian politics. Here is the list of Indians/ NGOs who have been funded by or have proximity to Ford Foundation

  • Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia’s NGO – Kabeer
  • Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana
  • Yogendra Yadav was funded by ICSSR of Jawaharlal Nehru Univ, which in turn was funded by Ford
  • Teesta Setalvad and Javed’s Sabrang Comm, one who has been fighting against Modi all these years
  • Amartya Sen for its books – Ideas of Justice

And you would know, most of these guys are part of Aam Aadmi Party or are major supporters of AAP. This poses a very serious question on why is Ford Foundation interested in Indian Politics. Just to do further research on members of Aam Aadmi Party, I tried to find some details on other members like Aruna Roy, Medha Patkar, Prashant Bhushan and Gopal Rai… And this was even a bigger SHOCKER to me…

Aruna Roy is the one who had sent a petition to President PRANAB MUKHERJEE for mercy towards Ajmal Kasab.. the one who killed so many innocents in Mumbai terror attack on 26th November 2008. She was also part of Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council

Here are some links pertaining to the same

Prashant Bhushan, who we all know for the rubbish referendum view on Kashmir, was also the preferred mediator of the Maoists a couple of years back. Now why would they want Prashant Bhushan?? Did theytrust that Prashant Bhushan would show some soft corner towards them?

Here are the links pertaining to the same

Medha Patkar – we all know her for being responsible for delay in Sardar Sarovar Dam. But something that I didn’t know earlier, I came to know when I read the link given below. It says that tribals in Chattisgarh had thrown her out of the village of Dantewada for herpro-naxal behavior.

There were some other articles, which suggested her proximity to Angana Chatterjee (who was suspected to be an ISI agent). But didn’t know the authenticity of the article, hence not attaching it.

Gopal Rai – Ex member of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC. Was president of All India Students Association (associated with CPI (M-L)), which is known for its pro Maoist stance..

If all this was not enough, One more article that I came across and that raised doubts on CIA’s interest in India is the one in Economic Times, that suggested that Government was giving work for Aadhar to a startup – MongoDB, which is funded by CIA’s venture fund. Links to the same are given below.

This really is giving me a sleepless nights. Just wondering, if we have so many anti nationals within the country, do we really see Pakistan and China as a bigger threat?

But then was wondering, why is media not exposing all this? But then somewhere the answer is in front of us – Manish Sisodia (ex journalist with Zee), Yogendra Yadav (ex Journalist CNN IBN), Shazia Ilmi (ex journalist) and the latest entrant Ashutosh (ex Managing Editor IBN7)…   Are they not a party to it?

Also wondered why people like Meera Sanyal (ex chief RBS) and V Bala (ex Director Infosys) joining AAP. Then came to know that Meera Sanyal’s NGO Pradan (which operates in Naxal hit belt) is funded by Ford Foundation. Also, Narayan Murthy (Chairman of Infosys) is on the board of Ford Foundation. Probably there could be his compulsion to align with them given that 60% of Infosys’business comes from US.

We all believe corruption is an issue, but nothing can be bigger that National Security. We all want corruption free India and Aam Admi Party raised some hopes. But these news articles, really make me worried that by extending our support to AAP, are we compromising on NATIONAL SECURITY? If people who can compromise on national security for personal gains, will they ever give you corruption free governance? Like Ford Foundation, is AAP only a front face of some bigger conspiracy?

This time, I was thinking of seriously giving a chance to AAP… but not ANYMORE… As a TRUE INDIAN, if this is worrying you as well, do forward it to spread awareness. Main Stream Media will not do that job

By Prof R Vaidyanathan | Follow

Draft is modified from the mail written by Mr. Mohan… Await for further editions.