Ekal Sur Ekal Taal (Houston, TX)

  Dear Ekal Supporter,

Thanks for being Ekal Supporter.  This year’s Ekal Vidyalaya annual fund raising dinner program is on Sunday, May 7th at Cullen Performance Hall, University of Houston at 3:30 PM.  It is brought to you by Ekal Artists from villages and tribal areas. They want to express their gratitude and say thanks to Ekal donors.  

Artists have spent good part of a year to prepare an entertainment bouquet for us comprising: tribal/regional art & costumes, folk & patriotic songs/dances, Bollywood songs, short skits, etc. They have performed in over 18 cities and have received many accolades (click on the link below)

Anticipation Builds for the Ekal Houston Chapter’s 2017 Annual Fundraiser | Indo American News



Source: Ekal.org