Enraged Hindus block roads to protest against cow-slaughter

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) : A cow was stolen from outside the house of a Hindu woman at K R Puram, Sanigavan in the night and was slaughtered. This enraged Hindus and they blocked roads in that area staging demonstrations in the Chowk.As a result, the procession taken out on the occasion of Moharrum had to be held up for some time. Police beat up Hindus with canes.In the stone-pelting that followed, 30 people got injured along with 12 policemen. Police did not spare even women from beating.

District Collector and Dy. Superintendent of Police (DSP) were present on the occasion. Later, Para-military force was deployed and the procession was continued.

Hindus staged demonstrations even outside the house of Raghunandan Bhadauria, local MLA of BJP. DSP has suspended Sanigavan police station’s in-charge for negligence.  Hindus informed police about cow-slaughter by calling up on contact number -100; still police did not reach the place of incident. As a result, Hindu men and women staged demonstrations, blocking roads and raising slogans.

Source: Hindujagruti