Fanatics throw Gomata’s remains in river to antagonize Hindus

Video : Five cows and 5 calves were rescued from the house of Usman Sheikh after the complaint of the Govansh Raksha Abhiyan

valpoi_arrestAccused Uaman Sheilh along with Police and Health officers while setting the cattle free

  • Five cows and 5 calves were rescued from the house of Usman Sheikh after the complaint of the Govansh Raksha Abhiyan
  • Issue of dumping beef in the river Velus at Valpoi, Goa
  • Cattle unsafe in the state of secular rulers !
  • Religious sentiments of Hindus disregarded repeatedly by the Government giving free hand to fanatics to slaughter cattle !

Valpoi (Goa) – Five cows and 5 calves were rescued from the house of Usman Sheikh, the main accused in the case of throwing the remains of the cattle in the river Velus after slaughtering them illegally on a large scale. Govansh Raksha Abhiyan had demanded to set this cattle free filing a complaint in the Valpoi Police Station. (What is seen by the cow-protectors, why do the police not see ? Sack such police for failing in their duty ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

The rescued cattle is being sent Akhil Vishwa Jai Sriram Gosamvardhan Centre. Activists of Govansh Raksha Abhiyan demanded with the police to take action after filing a complaint; but the action was taken by the police 2 days later. When the action was taken police and officers of the Health Department were present. Activists of the Govansh Raksha Abhiyan have alleged that since timely action was not taken by the police despite registering the complaint, the associates of Usman Sheikh have killed a cow and a calf. (Should the police be held responsible for the slaughtering of a cow and a calf now ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

When the complaint was filed there were 6 cows and 6 calves, that means in all 12 cattle at Usman’s house. Mr. Hanumant Parab said that another complaint will be registered against Usman for illegal killings of the cattle.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Goa – Fanatics throw Gomata’s remains in river to antagonize Hindus

 October 18, 2014

 One cannot be a Hindu if his blood does not boil after seeing such things !

  • Hindus should follow up the matter with Government till the concerned get stringently punished !
  • What do the Government and Administration, giving permission for slaughtering cattle, have to say about suchperverted behavior ?
  • Goa Government had appealed to Hindus that they should not throw holy offerings like flowers, leaves etc. made to God in river. Now do they have any objection to throwing pieces of meat in river ?
  • Don’t the environmentalists, who always create obstacles in Hindus’ festivals, see this harm caused to environment ?
  • ANiS members always create problems when Sri Ganesha idols are to be immersed in rivers and other water bodies during Ganesh Festival as they claim that immersion of idols cause water-pollution. Now, don’t they have any objection to such serious type of water pollution ?

 One cannot be a Hindu if his blood does not boil
after seeing these photos of remnants of cattle thrown in river !


cow_slaughter_usgaon_2 cow_slaughter_usgaon_3
cow_slaughter_usgaon_1 cow_slaughter_usgaon_4
 cow_slaughter_usgaon_5  cow_slaughter_usgaon_6
 cow_slaughter_usgaon_7  cow_slaughter_usgaon_8
 cow_slaughter_usgaon_9  cow_slaughter_usgaon_10

 (Please note : The photos are published not to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus but to make them aware of the atrocities on Hindus and their seats of worship !)

Valpoi (Goa), 8th October – During the period of Bakri Eid, large number of cattle were slaughtered in Valpoi area. On 8th October, heads of cattle, bones and remaining pieces of flesh were found floating in river water at Velus. ‘Gou-Premi’ Hindus from Valpoi were enraged due to this and lodged complaint with the police who just completed formalities related to registering of complaint. Local residents use water from this river for drinking. They have accused that pieces of flesh were deliberately thrown in river water to desecrate Hindus.

Police found 22 heads of cattle till afternoon and are still getting pieces of animals. After doing ‘Panchnama’, police decided to dispose of the bones. (Will police take such weak stand if the matter was concerning Hindus ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) In the morning, when residents went to river to have bath and wash clothes, they got a strong stink near river bank and found pieces of bones and flesh of cattle thrown in the river. Local residents, therefore, informed ‘Gou-Premi’ Hindus who lodged complaint with the police. Then police did ‘Panchanama’. Prima facie, it is felt that after killing animals, their pieces must have been thrown in river from the bridge at night. Excluding ‘Goa Meat Project’, there is a ban on slaughtering cattle at any other place in Goa; still fanatics slaughtered animals. The Government has totally failed in preventing illegal slaughtering despite having all machinery at its disposal. (Fanatics do whatever they want even if Government kowtows to them; but will the Government realize this fact now ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Hindus, do participate in the Rashtriya Hindu Andolan at Delhi on 12th October


Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti