Cancel the bail granted to Madani says Swamiji Pranavananda

Mangalore, Oct 20: “The bail granted by the Supreme Court of India to Abdul Nassir Madani should be cancelled immediately. Madani got bail because of Karnataka’s Assistant Public Prosecutor remained silent during the hearing.” said Pranavananda Swamiji, National President of Bharathiya Kranthi Sena in Mangalore today.

The controversial Swamiji was addressing a press meet at Patu Mudi Saudha in the city on Monday October 20.

“Abdul Nasser Madani is getting preferential and sophisticated treatment in a Bangalore private hospital. Kerala government has provided him Rs. 36,000 for this and Bharathiya Kranthi Sena severely condemns this. I ask the state government not get involved in the issues creating turmoil in the society. It should immediately cancel the bail to Abdul Nasser Madani and send him to Tihar jail,” He added.

“CM Siddaramaiah has a passed law fixing a salary of Rs, 3400 for a Maulvi who offers prayers in Mosques. But a temple priest gets only Rs. 950 per month in Muzarai temples. We object to this. The secular government is engaged in anti Hindu activities by appeasing the minority. If the government does not stop these activities, Hindu organizations will organize to protest against the government.”said Swamiji speaking about the state issue.

“Union Government has sanctioned Rs.100 crore to Madrasas. There is no contribution from Madrasas to the nation. In Madrasas national flag is never hoisted during the Independence or Republic days. Hence Modi government should review about this sanctioned money. I have communicated this issue to PM by correspondence. I will directly meet him in the coming days and give him the memorandum.” said Swamiji criticizing the central government.

“A few IAS, IPS officers in Karnataka are working as the Congress B team. Hindu activists are booked under goonda act and Swamijis are harassed. We warn the police department that if they continue the same attitude, Hindu organizations may take law into their own hands.” Pranavananda warned.

Commenting on the alleged assault on Bajrang Dal activist Charan at Kavoor Police station, the Swamiji said that Inspector Umesh Kumar should be suspended from his work.

Commenting on widows offering Pooja at Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, Pranavananda said “I feel that Janardhana Poojary has lost his mind. Before talking about allowing widow or women offering poojas in temples, Poojary should have known whether Shiva idol was installed in temple by tantric or Vedic rituals way.”

“If it is installed in tantric way, then the women are allowed to perform and offer pooja in temples but in if it is Vedic way, then there is no provision and it is wrong. In Vedic way, one has to follow certain methods and pattern while offering pooja. Women performing Pooja is socially right but anyone who performs pooja should be well versed with ‘Agama Shastra’. Janardhana Poojary is unnecessarily creating confusion in Hindu society.” He added.

He also opined that Karnataka government should release prisoners who have spent above 10 years in jail.