General Elections in 2019 Will Be Fought For The Survival Of Hindus: Raj Pal Wasan


The coming General Elections in 2019 will not be fought on any development agenda.It will be a fight between survival of Hindus or again Muslims ruling Bharat,permanently, with the support of Jai Chands. It will be a final and decisive battle between the Hindus and Islam for the dominance of Bharat.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. Forget development and in the remaining one year Modi Ji should attend to the following points. 

1. Bring in uniform Civil Code,
2. Remove article 370 from Kashmir,
3. Ban Polygamy and Nikah Galapagos,
4. Ban Madrasas and force students to study in govt. Schools, 
5. Ban Namaz from public places,
6. Ban use of loud speakers from places of worship,
7. Shoot stone pelters in Kashmmir,and
8. Expell illegal Bangladeshi and  bloody Rohingas from the sacred Indian soil.

Please act.Don't show cowardice. Time is running out.Otherwise the posterity shall not forgive us.

Jai Hind.

Jai Bharat.Ĺong live India
Raj Pal Wasan


Source: WHN