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Intellectual Kshatriyas of tomorrow

The 1980s was a time of resurgence of Hindu religion and culture. The Ramjanmabhumi agitation had fired up the minds of many, and hundreds of thousands of Hindus braved the bullets to build a temple for Lord Sriram.

It was also the time of resurgence of intellectualism amongst Hindus. There were a group of individuals, who found the need to research on topics neglected for long and spread the truth of the history of Bharat. They did what nobody had done before to provide the intellectual base and momentum for a movement they thought will rebuild Hindu Rashtra.

Amongst the intellectuals of that time, SitaRam Goel, Ram Swarup and Koenraad Elst stand out among the rest. What made them stalwarts were their commitment to original research and truth. They did extra ordinary work to find the truth of the matter by going through historical documents, Mughal court records and other historically significant works. Of them Sitaram Goel visited medieval era Masjids across Bharat and collected evidences of them being Hindu temples.

The towering work and commitment of the sort would have earned them laurels and recognition. But what they gained was neglect and also banishment by various organisations. As a result the intellectualism in the Hindu society that promotes original Dharmik thoughts subsided, and propagandists took their place.

This is an attempt to revive the concept of Intellectual Kshatriya amongst Hindus. We are looking to nurture the best minds, who can think originally, analytically and has the courage to speak and write what they found by hard research and facts. The Intellectual Kshatriyas would have the answers to Leftist and British historians and archaeologists who corrupted history of Bharat to suit their interests.

Over the course of time we will partnering with various organisations, individuals to promote the intellectualism and nurture them. We intend to give scholarship and honorariums to best minds and offer them a ecosystem to present and evolve their thoughts and research.

Prayaan Scholarship on Indic Studies and Heritage

Prayaan Foundation is offering one time award of Rs. 10,000 to those who present original research papers on Indic Heritage. The topics available are

  1. Indo Saracenic architecture, the evolution of domes and arches
  2. Identifying the truth about Hindu Muslim architecture

The papers can be submitted via http://bit.ly/2DDsXtq

Research Articles on ReclaimTemples.com website

We welcome research articles on topic of Islamic destruction of Hindu temples to be published on our website www.reclaimtemples.com . The best articles will be given a honorarium of Rs. 3,000

The articles may be submitted via http://bit.ly/2GHBXko

We value the time and efforts that need to be spend for the research work, and have instituted the scholarship and honorarium so that it will help in procuring the needed resources and will benefit the researchers.

And we hope that Intellectual Kshathriyas will rise who will have the courage and conviction and capability to record the true history of Bharat, devoid of any propaganda to suit anyone.

“Dharm Ka Saath, Adharm Ka Vinaash”

Source: https://reclaimtemples.com