Gharwapsi integrates society and Dharma

Header VSK-TNPress Release Joint Session of vhp Trust and Management Committee held at Pune at ” Swami Vivekananda has said clearly that the conversion of Hindus in Hindu society became a Muslim or a Christian does not mean that a Hindu, but less Hindu society raise another enemy. ‘Swami Vivekananda focus on the dictum of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in India and converts Pranyasi Board is very concerned. Do not scholars of the evangelical tradition individual ancestors, Snskririti is cut. Muslims and Muslim converts in India was just breaking up Pakistan India has led to a riot. Vande Mataram which Muslims live in India they are not ready to speak. Islamic education master of India, avatars added to or removed from the manufacturer’s religion Islam.Shriram Muslim converts, Kririshn, Buddha, Mahavir Swami’s name to hate her so far. They convert the sages of India, are cut from the texts. Converts from a type question mark has been built on their nationality and patriotism.

Mahatma Gandhi also expressed concern over Christianized said ‘Christian missionary effort in India Uddeshy Ukadkr of the Hindutva Jdmul not impose another in his place.’
Audit by the British during their rule in India was started evangelizing. The Christianisation of India is vulnerable to extremism North Purvanchal. Portuguese rule in Goa, Xavier cent Inkwijishn law built up dying Hindus. Hindu temples were destroyed and hundreds of mothers and large Purushane countless atrocities made them Christian Christian church today in India and greed greed, cheating is converted by force. Christian churches became Christians of India, the Hindu Snskririti cut foreign values ​​and the values ​​remained slaves. Therefore Architecture Commission report, Dr. 0 B 0 n 0 Architecture, said, “India Christians evangelical Christian family dominance of re-establishing uniform global policy is a part of. ‘In Orissa Bdhava Commission opinion that converts social Tension has increased. Similarly, Justice Shri Venugopal Tamil Nadu on the conversion price, stated that the evangelical community is creating animosity. The Allahabad High Court decision reinforces these ideas about the girls, the girls asked the Hindu-Muslim boys are married if you are aware of what Islam?The girls on the information, the judge refused to set aside the marriage. 
Pranyasi Board is the considered opinion that converts Rashtrontrn. Home-return is added to the growth and regeneration of the society. Homecoming has been in India since ancient times. Deval Maharshi, Swami Vidyaranya, Ramanandacharya, Chaitanya from Chhatrapati Shivaji, Dadu Dayal, Rishi Dayanand, owner Sraddhanand etc. Grwapasi society by men who have the task of connecting the country with religion. The rise of a nation depends upon the nation devotees labor and dare. Hence the need of the hour to the Hindu society CALLS those Jatibndhuon Islam and Christianity, except that if you are willing to participate in Hindu society, we are ready to insert your original race. From north to south and from east to west-teacher in India with the entire Hindu community living saint-abbot of both hands to spread their Snehprem made heretic by the Swdharmi adding India will join the national mainstream. Perform science to build a glorious India’s national religion today. 
Board Pranyasi national ideology that converts human stream is Todta, instead Grwapasi human unites national stream. To convert the government should enact a tough to stop the Patriots society possible by the development of India’s fleet. 
Mover: Dharmnarayn Sharma, Delhi.