‘Give us our rights’: Hindu group demands protection of graveyard


“We are treated like the scum of the Earth. Land grabbers are constructing buildings on our [community’s] graveyard because it doesn’t even have a boundary wall,” Morari Laal, a representative of the Hindu community in Chak 12-BC, said on Wednesday.

Several members of the Hindu community living in Chak 12-BC, Yazman Road, held a demonstration demanding the renovation of the Hindu Balmik Cemetery.

Protesters said they had been denied the dignity of proper burial as several land grabbers had desecrated part of the graveyard and had built structures on it. “There are no boundary walls around the graveyard and you can see tractor trolleys being filled with earth collected from the graveyard,” Laal said. “We have been living here since before the creation of Pakistan yet we are discriminated against.”

They said they had written to the authorities several times about the ongoing desecration of the graveyard yet no one had taken notice.

Source: Tribune