Government prepare security plan for temples in PAK with the help of Hindu Community

For Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, everything that goes wrong in the province is a ‘conspiracy’ to destabilise the government. It was, therefore, not surprising when he blamed the recent attacks on Hindu temples on these conspiracies as well.
Addressing a meeting of Pakistan Peoples Party’s Hyderabad division on Wednesday night, he said his government will foil the nefarious designs to instigate communal tensions in Sindh.
The government, with the help of Hindu community, will prepare a security plan for the temples, he promised. At least five incidents of desecration took place across Sindh last month when Hindu temples, ashrams and graveyards were attacked.
However, one of the representative bodies of the Hindu community, Pakistan Hindu Panchayat, has demanded the removal of the chief minister. At a protest rally in Hyderabad, the Panchayat’s chairperson Kishan Chand Parwani, who used to be an MNA, accused Shah for failing to address his community’s concerns over the last six years.

Source: Tribune