Hindu community demands protection of lives, temples, properties

Af-Pak-mapAll Hindu Rights Organisation of Pakistan and Hindu Welfare Panchayat Pakistan have sought the protection of their temples, properties and lives and also demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Sindh. Speaking a press conference at Hyderabad Press Club on Wednesday, leader of Hindu Welfare Panchayat Pakistan and former MNA, Kishan Chand Parwani said that the Sindh government had failed to provide the protection to minorities in Sindh.

After every passing day, the temples or properties or graveyards of Hindu community were being occupied by influential people, who were affiliated with political parties, he said, lamenting that the Sindh government did not take any appropriate step to bring the culprits to justice.

The perpetrators were directly or indirectly linked with the PPP government, he alleged, adding, the Hindu community demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Sindh. Even the government was not implementing the Constitution of Pakistan, enshrining guarantee for the protection of minority, Parwani said.

The Sindhi Hindus were being forced to leave Pakistan through different ways including attacking their temples and forcibly occupation of their properties and forced conversion of their girls. Influential persons were always found involved in such incidents as former PPP MNA, Mian Mitho was also involved in forcibly conversion and marriage of Rinkle Kumari and the same way, other influential persons who had affiliation with the PPP and other political parities were involved in such practices, Parwani said.

During the 18th Amendment, the representatives of minority was neglected, he said, adding despite repeated requests made to Senator Raza Rabbani but rejected which was big injustice with the minority. Moreover, the representatives selected on reserved minority seats were representative of party and they had to show sincerity with party and also worked for interest of respective party to whom they had affiliation, he said. Speaking on the occasion, PML-F MPA Nusarat Sehar Abbasi said that the migration of Sindhi Hindu from Pakistan was a conspiracy which was initiated by certain elements who wanted to occupy the property of Hindu people in Sindh.

Earlier, Leaders of PML-F and Hindu Panchayat held the rally which commenced from Old Campus and terminated ato Hyderabad Press Club. Thousands of Hindu peoples participated in the rally, who came from all over Sindh to express anger and grief over attacks on temples, property and lives.

Source: Business Recorder