Government to Install Electric Crematorium at Hindu’s Holy Place – Haridwar

haridwarIn a bid to save the environment, the State Government is all set to install an electric crematorium at Haridwar. “Union Minister for Water Resource Uma Bharati has agreed that she would consider the proposal,” said Chief Minister Harish Rawat while addressing the media after meeting Bharti at the Chief Minister’s residence on Tuesday late evening.

Bharti said she had come here as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emissary. She stressed that their differences with the Chief Minister on political grounds would not come in the way of the development of the State. She added that she is here to support the State in saving the Ganga river from pollution. “We know Uttarkhand is already enjoying a special category status, but the disaster in 2013 annihilated the State tourism, and thus the State has become more special for Prime Minister Modi,” she said.

The CM further said that the State Government has requested the Union Government to reconsider the proposal of the closed hydro power projects, including Loharinag Pala and Pala Maneri projects, which had been shut down following a protest launched by Prof GD Aggrawal, citing that environment would receive the same damage in the project getting dismantled. Instead of dismantling, the Government may resume the construction work because damage would be similar either in constructing or in dismantling them. Even Bharti has assured that she would take up the matter with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Hopefully, we would get the green signal and in case it comes it would be of great help to the State.”

“We have urged Bharti to review the Eco Sensitive Zone area because it has severely dented into our development. As Ganga river is directly associated with our lifeline and it flows from Uttarakhand we are pretty serious about its cleanliness. For this, we are giving emphasis on the sewerage system and we would focus on solid waste management at the same time. As we have limited resources we would need financial help from the Union Government for its execution. Besides, we would install electric crematorium at Haridwar.””

“As part of the cleanliness drive, we want to free Bageshwar district from open toilets so that no open defecation would happen. Even we would promote mobile toilets, community toilets and biodegradable toilets across the State. For that, the State would need around Rs8,000- Rs10,000 crore additional fund from the Union Government.  This is how we would make our Holy Ganga River free from pollution at Haridwar,” CM said. He also said that as Bharti is emotionally attached to Ganga she would surely go extra miles to save Ganga from the scourge of  pollution.