HJS participates in the Hindu Jagruti Street corner Meet of Shiv Sena

1411178704_Sou_umaKondithoppu (North Chennai) : The Port branch of Shiv Sena conducted a Hindu Jagruti Meet and distributed various things to the poor as part of their welfare schemes on 18.9.2014 at Kondithoppu, North Chennai. HJS was invited to participate in this local body meeting. 

Sri. Radhakrishnanji, State Working President 
Short speech by Sou. Uma Ravichandran of HJS

Sri. Rameshbabuji, State President, Sri. Radhakrishnanji, State Working President, Sri. Ravichandranji State General Secretary and various other important dignitaries participated in this meeting. During this occasion, Sou. Uma Ravichandran of HJS gave a short speech on the importance of prayer, paying obeisance and chanting as part of Vyashti Sadhana and about participation in the protection of the Nation and Dharma as Samashti Sadhana.

Sri Radhakrishnanji in his speech explained about the deplorable condition of Hindus in districts where fanatics have become a majority. In such places, Hindus are not able to conduct any programs or celebrate any temple functions publicly. The police authorities tell that they are helpless when thousands of fanatics storm the police station in protest. Sri Radhakrishnanji gave a clarion call to all Shivsainiks to throng in thousands in such places so that Hindutva programs can be conducted. He quoted many facts from Sanatan Granth ‘Why Hindu Rashtra is needed ?’ Around 200 people participated in the program.


Audience at Street Corner Meet

Highlights :

• Usually, in such local meets of Shiv Sena, other Hindu organizations are not invited. Due to Radhakrishnanji’s efforts and after participating in our protest program, the local Shivsena leaders feel that HJS is not different from Shivsena.

• From the speech of the leaders, it is clear that Shivsena’s ultimate goal is to work tirelessly, selflessly in a dharmic way towards the establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat