Gupt navratri- Worshipping goddess gives boon of long life prosperity and goodluck

Ashadh Pratipada Shukla side ie from Friday has begun secret Navratri, Navratri Goddess of spiritual power of remembrance is auspicious

Ashadh Shukla side Pratipada ie secret Navratri has begun on Friday. In addition to the homes of devotees in the temples of the city goddess ritual is being held. Religious view all know the power of remembrance Navratri Goddess of Silence is auspicious.Indeed, the power hidden behind meditation is the practical side of Navratri is a time of climate change.



According to Ayurveda, the changes in the body Vata, Pitta, Kapha defects are born in, the external environment germs. Which cause many diseases. Happy-healthy life is very important to protect them.July 17 to July 25 of this year will remain secret Navratri. Smleshhwari Mata temple priest Pandit explains Manoj Shukla secret goddess worshiped during Navaratri through special diet, lifestyle and adopt Dev recalled the restraint and discipline body and mind, give strength and energy. The person receives healing and longevity and happiness.




Silence for those special


Pt. Shukla away on Chet and ordinary faithful in the nine days of Navratri Kwanr strength swarupa mother worship wish prosperity, the Ashadh and Magha Navaratri seekers for secret special productive lives. Navratri is celebrated in this particular ritual. The nine-day long Navratri is perfect for the good work. In the second day of Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra Navratri Ashadh mass is to be taken.




To get rid of diseases and disorders


According to the scriptures God Shiva and Goddess Shakti Gupta Navratri major is worshiped. Goddess Durga power is an obvious pattern. Durga sense of suppression in power is connected. This form of repression or demerit ends enemy, Durjnta, defect, disease or disorders. All these create problems in life take away the peace. That something special and powerful mantras of Goddess Durga goddess worship special attention during the enemy, disease, poverty Rupi fear barrier has been considered subversive.Pundits believed the power of mother nature by worshiping in secret Navratri Abhisht fruit leads to the wishes of the people are met.




In year four Navratri


(1) Ashadh Shukla side Pratipada start (practice for those special)

(2) Starting from Magh Shukla side Pratipada (Silence for those special)

(3) away on Chet Navratri (Durga Puja with stalls set up in the mother’s statue)

(4) Kwanr Navaratri (Jyot urn special adoration of mother with the installation)