Guru Krupa Foundation Enables Literacy in Assam

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Dedicated to bringing holistic development of rural remote India using education as the primary vehicle. 

25 Years
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Guru Krupa Foundation Enables Literacy in Assam

The Guru Krupa Foundation(GKF) gave Ekal a grant in 2014 to support schools in Assam.  Mukund Padmanabhan, the philanthropist who created the foundation shares his views on why he decided to support Ekal. 

“In developed/developing countries, poverty is rampant. One of its most undesirable side-effects is that parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Uneducated children then grow up to be impoverished adults hence establishing a self-sustaining vicious cycle. Providing children with quality education is the best way to help them break out of this cycle of poverty. This is especially true for younger children as primary education provides the basic foundation on which later successes can be built – hence the return on an investment made in primary education is likely to last for a lifetime. This is the main reason why many GKF projects focus on primary education. The Ekal school programs that bring education to children in remote tribal villages is an excellent match for our goals and objectives” says Mukund Padmanabhan.

We thank Guru Krupa Foundation for its generosity and support of Ekal. 

Read the complete interview with Mukund Padmanabhan.

Parinam Kumbh – 2015
We invite you to  attend the Ekal Abhiyan Parinam Kumbh – the grand 25th Jubilee celebrations scheduled to be held on March 1-3, 2015 in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India.  
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