Harshit Agarwal joins HSC as Executive Liason​

Harshit  Agarwal

Harshit Agarwal ​joins HSC as Executive Liason​​ ​​to the Global Dharma Conference 2015 Team. Harshit will be joining the HSC as Executive Liaison and will dedicate his entire summer towards working for the success of the Global Dharma Conference.

HSC is happy to welcome more such student volunteers who will help us in our mission to spread awareness of Dharma.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at info@hindustudentscouncil.org or call Nikunj Trivedi at (732)-599-1561. For more information about HSC, please visit us at

​May 27, 2015 – Old Bridge, New Jersey – Hindu Students Council (HSC), the largest Hindu youth organization in North America, announced that Harshit Agarwal, a rising sophomore and the Business Manager of HSC Chapter at University of Pittsburgh, will dedicate his entire summer working as an Executive Liaison as a volunteer for the Global Dharma Conference.

“I was the Dharma Chair at Pitt HSC and have realized the tremendous value and importance of our Hindu scriptures over the course of time,” said Agarwal, a Neuroscience, Psychology and Religious Studies triple major with a colorful resume. “This is why HSC and the Global Dharma Conference are so important to me.”

Agarwal is active in many organizations on and off campus, including from being from being the President of the Religious Society at Pitt, to being the Vice President of Pitt Hosa: Future Health Professionals, to hosting Pitt’s first ever South Asian Awareness Radio Show through WPTS Radio, among othersamong others. Off campus, he is also involved with summer camps at the All World Gayatri Pariwar and the Venkateshwara Hindu Temple in

Bridgewater, New Jersey.

“We are excited that Harshit is volunteering his entire summer so passionately to ensure the success of the Global Dharma Conference,” said Nikunj Trivedi, Chairman of Hindu Students Council. “Many other religious, social and cultural organizations have an active tradition of volunteerism and HSC is encouraging all youth to come forward and follow the example of Harshit, not just for the conference but for future projects and activities.”, he added.

Indeed, “Mmost of HSC’s work is accomplished through a volunteer base of students and young professionals from various walks of life, along with support from the community, Mr Trivedi further said, adding that . “HSC has beenopen to all those who want to learn about Hindu Dharma, work towards the preservation of Hindu heritage andaddress issues impacting Hindus globally.”

About Hindu Students Council:

Hindu Students Council (HSC) is an international forum providing opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage and culture. It is the largest Hindu youth organization in North America, with over 50 chapters across university campuses. Over 130,000 students and youth have participated in HSC activities since its inception in 1990. For more information, please visit www.hindustudentscouncil.org or email us at info@hindustudentscouncil.org. For more information about the Global Dharma Conference, please visit www.dharmaconference.com and www.facebook.com/dharmaconference or email us at

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Source: WHN Media Network