Hindu Americans support Hirsh Singh as Republican NJ Governor

How can Hindu Americans support him?
1) First visit his website http://SinghForNewJersey.com and get to know his agenda.  Below is his flyer.
2) There is a deadline for candidates to get federal funding match which is April 6th where they have to cross 430K mark and any contributions you can make will be great help.  I understand he has funds more than half the mark.  Even small contributions can add up (remember this is NOT tax deductible.   Contributions can be made on his website . 
3) Most importantly vote in the primary on June 6th so that he will Republican party candidate for Governor.   You have to be registered Republican or a Democrat who plan to change affiliation of the party.   However, democrats who plan to change affiliation of the party need to do so by April 12th and all the details are given on his website at http://SinghForNewJersey.com/vote .
Source: World Hindu News (WHN)