Hindu Congress of America Condemns UPA Cabinet for Passing PCTV Bill

Hindu Congress of America aka Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) condemn Congress led UPA Cabinet for passing Prevention of Communal & Targeted Violence Bill. The bill referred generically as communal violence bill is draconian and anti Hindu and poses existential threat to Hindus of India as well as overseas Hindus. As per the research and analysis of eminent Hindu scholars from Dharmic and political organizations , the bill stands biased against Hindus and Hindu human rights.

In October, 2013—HMSA launched a worldwide petition opposing Prevention of Communal & Targeted Violence Bill (PCTV) Bill post analysis of eminent members & intellectuals of Hindu Dharmic ( religious) organizations. From Australia to America , Russia to South Africa, around 4500+ Hindus from world wide countries inc. India, signed this massive online petition opposing PCTV Bill.



As can be seen from signatories across the world, Hindus express opposition to this Anti –India and Anti –Hindu bill proposed by Indian National Congress (INC) party led UPA Government. HMSA is deeply concern by the biased and vision less attitude of Indian National Congress (INC) party and it’s leadership in coming up with such Anti Hindu Bill whose development board mostly consists of individuals having Pro Islamic, Pro Evangelical.

It’s a deplorable attitude of Indian National Congress (INC) party led UPA Government towards Hindus that the development board of this bills fails to consult thousands of Hindu Social and Dharmic organizations representing 1 Billion+ Hindus in India and overseas. It’s this ignorance and step motherly treatment of Indian National Congress (INC) towards Hindus that in recent election Congress Party was totally routed out to extinction in recent four states elections.

Hindu Congress of America aka Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) requests Hindu social, cultural and Dharmic organization to protest this draconian Anti Hindu bill which Indian National Congress (INC) party led UPA Government is adamant to pass in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha & make it a law. On behalf of 1 Billion Hindus HMSA ask Indian National Congress (INC) to nullify this bill and honor Hindu Human rights and sentiments of Hindus. There is still an opportunity for Indian National Congress (INC) party led UPA Government UPA Govt. to change its anti Hindu policies towards appeasing Muslims & other Anti Hindu groups for unethical vote bank politics.

Comments on Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill (PCTV): Please visit the petition site.


1. A Hindu against whom any Muslim/Christian/minority make any Complaint shall be presumed in law to be guilty by Police & Courts till that Hindu proves his innocence (Sec70, 71 & 73). 2. An accused Hindu Shall have to be immediately arrested as all offences under this bill are non-bailable & cognizable (Sec 56) 3. This law can be invoked only by a minority against Hindus. 4. Accused Hindu shall not be informed who has complained against him (Sec 38) but police has to inform complainant progress of the case. 5. A minority is not required to give any evidence to support his complaints against Hindus (Sec 70, 71 & 72) 6. A Hindu refusing to do business with any minority shall be immediately arrested [Sec 3 (f) (i)]. 7. A minority cannot be punished for making even false complaints/ statement against Hindus (Sec 40).



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Source: Hindu Congress of America (HMSA)