Hindu Empowerment Office Congratulates Yogi Adityanath, Thanks PM Modi-Amit Shah

Hindu Empowerment Office Congratulates Yogi Adityanathji Being Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister And Thanks PM Modiji And Amit Shahji For Facilitating This. Yogi Adityanathji is one of the top favorite leader of Hindus in BJP and by facilitating this transformation, the PM, Amit Shahji and BJP has honored and appreciated Hindu ballot in Uttar Pradesh. This will go long way in making sure that global Hindu diaspora which is pro PM Modi and India motivated and work very hard for 2019 General Assembly elections to re-nominate PM Modi 2014 as PM Modi 2019 of ‘New India’.

SOURCE: http://www.rahulchandrasharma.com/2017/03/18/hindu-empowerment-office-congratulates-up-cm-yogi-adityanathji-and-heartily-thanks-pm-modiji-and-amit-shahji/