Hindu Forum of Europe Newsletter: HFE makes a stand against The Protecting of Minors against Excesses of Sects report


We signed a letter against the Council adopting this report as it would have effected some rites of passage for Hindu children. As you can see from the bulleting blow issues by Human Rights Without Frontiers, we have been vindicated along with all other Faiths.


France’s policy against “sects” disavowed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

HRWF (12.04.2014) – The controversial report of the French Deputy Rudy Salles about “The Protection of Minors against Excesses of Sects” has been rejected as such by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

On Thursday 10 April, the PACE deeply amended the resolution to which the draft report of Rudy Salles was attached and rejected his draft recommendation.

The project of a “European Observatory on sects” and forging a “European consensus” on the issue of “sects” has failed

The Recommendation did not obtain 2/3 of the votes (28 for, 18 against and 13 abstentions) and was not adopted. It aimed to:

1.1. conduct a study about the scale of the phenomenon of sects affecting minors at European level, on the basis of information provided by the member States;

1.2. set up a working group to exchange information between member States on excesses of sects affecting minors and to develop good practices for preventing the problem; and

1.3. seek to improve co-operation at European level with a view to implementing joint activities to prevent excesses of sects and protect minors against them.

On 8 May 2014, President Bharti Tailor was invited to speak at the International Imam Hussain Council organised Annual Conference Honouring the Lady Sayeda Fatima. The conference was covered in the media,http://vimeo.com/94794737.




Source: Ms BHARTI TAILOR BA HON.  Via WHN Publisher Email