Hindu Forum of Europe Newsletter: Notice of the General Assembly of the Hindu Forum of Europe 3-4 July 2014

cropped-cropped-hfb_head_0111This year our general assembly will be generously hosted by the Italian Hindu Union. It is an election year and observers are welcome. Accommodation at the Ashram is limited and first priority will be given to voting members and Office bearers. However observers are most welcome for the day and/or stay in nearby towns. Please email info@hinduforum.eu, for more information.


Ms Tailor has stayed on in Geneva after the ECRL meeting to meet with local Hindu groups. As part of that she visited the local Vinayagar

Temple. Ms Tailor also met with

Swami Amarananda of the Ramakrishna Mission, and a representative of the Bangladeshi Minority Council.

You can read about it here.


That’s all folks until the next time.

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Newsletter May 2014

Source: Ms BHARTI TAILOR BA HON. Via WHN Publisher Email