Hindu Girl victim of Love Jihad. Torture, Conversion, Rape, Beef-eating What not!

Asif n Urvashi

Patna police arrest Two Muslims after a Hindu woman complained of trapped conversion to Islam, rape and forced beef eating.

HENB | Patna | June 13, 2016:: The Patna Police has arrested two Muslim men after a Hindu woman filed a complaint saying her Muslim husband and his family members allegedly forced her to adopt Islam and eat beef. She also accused them of blackmailing her after making a porn video of her in a hotel. This latest trail  of this “Love Jihad” is more horrific than any film script running currently.

The Hindu woman  in her over teens, who hails from Kolkata and was married to Asif from Phulwari Sharif in Patna, claimed that her husband’s Muslim family forced her to live in a madarsa for a month to learn Islam, where she was forced to eat beef.


Urvashi (name changed) was bowled over by Asif Iqbal’s looks when she first saw his photos on Facebook. Soon, phone numbers were exchanged and the two started talking to each other over phone for hours. Thus started the Love Jihad.

Soon, Asif started persuading Urvashi to come to Patna from Kolkata. Initially, the girl refused but ultimately she gave in to the consistent demands of a ‘Love Jihadi’ in a guise of gentleman. Asif told Urvashi about his respectful nature for all religion.

Asif promised Urvashi to marry her through marriage registration. Soon, the girl was in Patna to meet her hauling “love.”

Asif received Urvashi in Patna and made her to stay at a hotel in the Mithapur area. He offered her soft drink laced with strong sedatives in very balanced proportion. The accused raped her and made an MMS of the act of unbound sexual perversion.

Then, Asif started blackmailing Urvashi with those MMS clippings, who returned to Kolkata  but could not gather the courage to report the matter either to the police or her family members who were so ignorant about the dangerous ongoing.


After a few days, Asif called Urvashi with new plot and promised to marry her socially and asked her to come to Patna again. She was again kept in a hotel and sexually assaulted yet again. Urvashi had no way but to obey the order of Asif only to manage the guy. She repeatedly urged the guy to marry her but he refused. However, after a few days, Asif took her to meet his parents. Asif’s parents asked Urvashi to accept Islam. They took her to a Madarsa for conversion. She was admitted there for getting the Islamic tenets through a short course. Despite her accepting Islam, they continued to torture her.

Urvashi was so traumatized that she had no power to divulge her story anyway anywhere. One day, she called her mother to Patna from Kolkata. When Urvashi and her mother went to meet Asif’s parents for a mutual settlement, then  they abused them and kicked both of them out.


Finally, Urvashi and her mother approached the Gandhi Maidan Police Station for reporting. After that a case was registered in the Phulwari Sharif women’s police station. Accordingly, the police started investigation very fast and arrested two men named Rizwi Hassan and Faizal in the case. The prime accused Asif, hsarents and Madarsa maulvi fled away from the scene and  yet to be arrested.

This exemplary case of Love Jihad is nothing but a little part of a big conspiracy in India under which lakhs of Hindu-Sikh-Jain girls are being exploited every year.


Source: Hindu Existence