Hindu organizations submit a petition condemning Dhananjay Desai’s arrest

Thane (Maharashtra) : To protest the arrest of Shri Dhananjay Desai (Founder-President, Hindu Rashtra Sena), many Hindu organizations like Hindu Rashtra Sena, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Hindu Mahasabha, Samast Hindu Aghadi, Sahyadri Pratisthan under the aegis of Shivpratishthan Hindusthan submitted a petition to the Police Commissioner and DC here. The petion contained the following points.

  1. Desai had made the speech in January and Mohsin was killed in June. So holding Desai responsible for the death is incorrect.
  2. Hindu organizations will not allow Desi to be turned into another Col. Purohit or Sadhvi Pragya Singh.
  3. If the administration does not stop playing with the sentiments of the people and set Desi free, then all pro Hindu organizations will start an agitation and every legal means possible to fight this injustice.
  4. The administration will be responsible for whatever happens.