Hindu Samhati’s Protest March in Bangaon

To raise awareness regarding the recent developments in Bengal and how a venomous network of cross-border criminals is spreading  its tentacles to destroy the peace and tranquility of the state, the Bangaon unit of Hindu Samhati organized a massive rally on June 24, 2013 from Bangaon Town Hall at 5 pm. The procession was led by local Hindu Samhati activists and joined by enthusiastic locals desiring to voice their protests against the reign of terror. Gradually, the procession turned into a massive rally while it moved through Jessore Road, Batar More and then through the Bangaon Station Road.

The spontaneity of the procession can be found from people who listened to the speech of Shri Ajit Adhikary patiently even though a thunderstorm was looming. Not a single person was found to leave the venue. Neither there was any objection when the Hindu Samhati procession blocked off Batar More for 15 minutes as a mark of protest to the worsening social and political scenario in the state. Not only did he highlight the torments faced by Hindu women in the border areas, he also emphasized the helplessness of BSF who are now unable to fire a single shot on the intruders whenever necessary. Many among the large gathering there also voiced their protests against the fast deterioration of law and order in Bengal. The procession ended at 7 pm before the Bangaon Town Hall.