Hindu Samhati’s Protest rocks Barasat

Justice to  Shipra at any cost
Braving natural disaster, thousands of people, representing all walks of life, joined the “Protest March” led by Hindu Samhati at Barasat to get justice for Shipra Ghosh, victim of gang rape and murder by Ansar Ali, Enamul, Rezzaq and Shaukat Ali.
How strong emotions can be got evident today itself when the entire Chanpadali More became standstill owing to the virulent protest. Not a single person was found to express his/her dissatisfaction even if the traffic just remained a dead lock there for hours.
And all these took place even if the police and administration left no stone unturned to subdue the same defiance. Apart from deployment of a large police contingent, special forces were also posted adequately to retain the saga of Secularism above all.
What amazed protesters and also bystanders was the temperament of police officials – ready to crack down on them – a spirit whose presence could have enabled Shipra to live a good life. And all these let loose a huge protest, joined by more than 250 lawyers from Barasat court in uniform, enabling Hindu Samhati to submit its memorandum to the District Magistrate at 4 PM.
(Please see Memorandum and Leaflet below)