Hindu Temple: Dream Of Indians In Australia Finally Comes True


Hindu Temple: Dream Of Indians In Australia Finally Comes True


The impending wish of the increasing population of Indians in Australia will finally be fulfilled on November 30 when the Sri Durga Temple, which is considered to be the largest Hindu temple in the country, will be opened in a grand way.

The opening ceremony of the temple will start with fireworks to sum up the pre-opening ceremonies, called Pran Pratishtha Programme, which had started on November 24.

The President of the Universal Society of Hindusim, Rajan Zed, said, “The temple serves as an important accomplishment to pass on Hindu spirituality, concepts and traditions to coming generations.” The temple has chalked out plans to make the temple a non-profit organisation in order to undertake charitable activities.

The construction work of the temple, situated in Rockbank near Melbourne, had started five years back. The temple is built in order to provide a place of worship for the large number of Hindus present in Melbourne, which is the second largest city of Australia.

One of the fastest growing religions in Australia is the Hindu religion. According to certain official estimates provided in the year 2014, the number of Indians residing in Australia was 3,97,200, which was three times more than the number in the year 2004, which was 1,32,800.

Source: hcndaytonnews.com