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Issue: #5 May 2015
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The New Edition of Hindu Deities Book –
“Significance of Hindu Deities” an excellent booklet of 20 colorful pages is available in English,Hindi & Gujarativersions. 

Temples, schools,

Bal-vihars, Bal-gokulams,

Churches and all are invited to contact HUA and get their copy for

$2.00 + shipping

For bulk order send an email to


That which we call 
the Hindu religion is 
really the Eternal 
religion because it 
embraces all others. 

– Sri Aurobindo

“Hindu Temples in North America – A Celebration of Life” 
 A beautiful book dedicated to all those who so valiantly left the shores of India to start a new life in a land that was foreign to them. All these magnificent temples stand as a monument to them.

The book is written by Mahalingum Kolapen. Photography by Sanjay Kolapen. It is a Hardback copy with Dust Jacket. Glossy finish. Photos on every page. 


Temples, schools,

Bal-vihars and


Churches and all are invited to contact HUA and get their copy for

$20 + Shipping

For bulk order send an email to



Spirituality is indeed 
the master key of the 
Indian mind; the 
sense of the infinitive 
is native to it.
– Sri Aurobindo

HUA is very pleased to welcome our new Master’s & Doctoral Students.  We appreciate all the intellectual and creative vitality each student brings with them. We look forward for a great academic year!
A Warm Welcome  to  our thesis-only  students – 
K. Kathirasan (Singapore)
Madhu Sharma (USA)
Image Courtesy: google.com

DONATE for NEPAL Earthquake Victims
Many non-profit organizations, charities & companies are collecting
Image Courtesy:time.com
donations & raising funds for those affected by the massive earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015 in Nepal. The death toll is increasing everyday – Per the International Business Times more than 7,500 people have lost their lives, more than 14,500 are injured and atleast 8 million people have been affected by this tragedy. 
At such time of need we as humans should come together and help those in need. Every bit counts! 
Following are the few links where you can donate-
Red Cross Nepal – https://www.redcross.org/donate/
Help Nepal Network – http://www.helpnepal.net/donate
Seva Foundation – www.seva.org
Save the Children – www.savethechildren.org
American Nepal Medical Foundation – www.americanepalmedicalfoundation.com
**Please note that only a few organizations could be listed here as the list is too long. There are 100’s of charities & organizations who are raising funds and collecting donations.**

The Global Dharma Conference (GDC) is an experiential event bringing together college students, young professionals and others from around the world for 3 days of thought provoking sessions, blissful Yoga and meditation workshops, fun-filled dances and performances.  It is an initiative of the Hindu Students Council, the largest Hindu youth group in North America. 
Date: Sep 11, 2015 to Sep 13, 2015
Venue: NJ Convention & Exposition Center, Edison, New Jersey

Message from Vedaadhyayanana Kendra,  Bangalore
It is proposed to hold a XXI Annual Day celebration of the Kendra and World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES), in July with theme: Norms of Administration and Management: Perspectives from Veda, Astrology and Music. 
Scholars are requested to send papers/abstracts related to the theme for presentations to the Kendra. 
For more information email: Dr. C. L. Prabhakar, Director, Vedaadhyayanana Kendra at clprabhakar@yahoo.com
UPDATES from HUA & Affiliates 

News from HUA Orlando 
– Prof. Keshav Patel from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is spending 5 weeks at HUA Orlando, volunteering his time and expertise promoting HUA and helping with the International Yoga Day celebration. He is a former principal of Sheth M.N. Sci. College, Patan, India; Chairman – Board of studies in Mathematics at North Gujarat University Patan; Dy. Officer Commanding – NCC Bn. Vallabh Vidhya Nagar; and former professor of Cypress College, California, USA. He can be contacted at keshavpatel36@gmail.com orkeshavpatel@hua.edu
– June 21st has been declared as the ‘International Yoga Day’ by the United Nations Organization. HUA is in the process of drafting a small yoga handbook on this occasion. In Orlando this event will be celebrated onJune 21 at Hindu Temple, Casselberry, Florida. 
– Shri. Pradeep Shah, coordinator of DSVV, USA (Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalay) visited HUA for further collaboration between DSVV & HUA. 

News from HUA South FL

– Following courses will be offered online by HUA SFC during the 12 week summer semester:

HIN 5505 Hindu Festivals

AYS 5001 Introduction to Ayurveda

HIN 5502 Hindu Temples and Architecture

HIN 5503 Hindu Religious Art, Dance, Music

and Research Methodologies

– A Three-Day Yoga Certification course, under the leadership of Chair of Board Rajni Shah be offered in August.

– HUA-SFC will be launching a virtual classroom in June which will be available through hua.edu. The virtual classroom will facilitate participation of up to 10 students via the web portal. Each student will be able to interact with the instructor and other students during the class. Courses in Music, Yoga Dance Rhythms and Dance Rhythms of India will be offered through this platform.

Please visit website for schedule and fees. 

For updates on upcoming events and more information, please visit HUA South Florida website www.huasouthflorida.org

Update from SACAR 
Sri Aurobindo Center of Advanced research will be offering Intensive Research in Sri Aurobindo’s Major Works.  Sri Aurobindo’s books attract many a scholar and devotees for the eloquence and novelty of thought. Mentored study of his vast and varied works could facilitate their deeper understanding. It is with this view that SACAR is launching “intensive” research in Sri Aurobindo’s major works: The Life Divine, Savitri, The Synthesis of Yoga, The Human Cycle, Foundations of Indian Culture, Essays on the Gita and others.
For more information visit – www.sacar.in
For Registration please contact – 
Ph: 9994190403, 9443019172, 0413-2348067
Venue: SACAR – 39, Vanniar Street, Vaithikuppam, Puducherry, 605012
Hindu University of America | info@hua.edu | www.hua.edu | 407-275-0013
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