Hinduism and Vedic Dharma

Hinduism…A religion mostly found in India.It is commonly known as most ancient religion in the world.It is said that Hinduism is originated from Aryans who are the first visitors of the country India more than thousand of years ago.Hinduism deals with the theories found in Vedas written in Aryan’s era in their dominance in India.But has Hinduism adopted all the theories consisted in Vedas as well as in Aryan’s Period? I think the answer is absolutely not.I will say that Hinduism and Vedic Dharma are the two different horses of the same chariot.
As we all know,India is a secular country.But Hinduism is the main religion found in India according to the trusted statistics hence it is also known as ‘Hindustan’.Which is derived from Hindi language.Combined with two words ‘Hindu’ and ‘Stan’ or ‘Sthan’ which means A region of Hindu Religion.But you know how was our religion got its name ‘Hindu’.It is a English word.When Britishers came to India they studied the theories in our religion and they named them as ‘Hindu’ from The Indus Valley Civilization and from the divine river Indus (Sindhu in Hindi).Some also says that Hindu represents Non-violence,Love and Respect but is just the saying the proofs to the saying has not found till now.There is no such word like ‘Hindu’ in any of the Vedic literature.So,its clear that we are using our religion name Hindu is given to us by the Britishers.Then what is the original name of our religion? Friends,the name is ‘Vedic Dharma’ or ‘Sanatan Dharma’ and the follower of this dharma or religion is known as a ‘Vedtist’,according to Swami Vivekananda.
I think we are still confused about Hinduism and Vedic Dharma.I also think that some terms we follow in Hinduism are not stated in Vedic Dharma and it is move by some idiot people who tried to confuse the common people for their selfishness.I am not saying all the rituals are not according to the Vedic rituals but yes,some of them are definitely wrong or not stated in Vedic literature. Vedic Dharma says that all the Gods specified in our culture are present in their energy form.There is not any proof of statue form of the Gods in Vedic Dharma. But we,In Hinduism,created their statue form for our use so that we can assured that there is the presence of god in nature.Which was not at all wrong but now we exaggerated the matter by using the names of these divine personalities.We stated that there are 33 crore types of our Gods but my friends Vedic term stated something else.’Koti’ (कोटी) a word for crore in Sanskrit language.But word ‘Koti’ (कोटि) is for types and here we are confused again there are 33 types of god in Vedic Dharma.In Vedic Dharma,we follow 33 types of Gods they are-
12 Suns-Dhata,Mitra,Aryama,Shukra,Varun,Ansha,Bhag,Vivaswaan,Pu sha,Savita,Twashta and Visnu. (Courtesy-Mahabharata,Aadi Parwa 65/15-16)
8 Vasus-Dhar,Dhruv,Som,Ahaha,Anil,Anal,Pratush and Prabhas. (Courtesy-Mahabharata Aadi Parwa 66/18)
11 Rudras-Har,Bahurup,Tryambak,Aparajit,Vrushakapi,Shambhu,Kapa rdi,Raiwat,Mrugavyadh,Sharwa and Kapali. (Courtesy- Harivansha 1/3/51-52)
Along with 2 Ashwinikumars who are said to be the Doctors of God.
If you add all these Gods the result will be 33.But in Hinduism we says that there are 33 crore gods in our religion.
I think in ancient history there were no such communities based on religions occurred. Communities,in those days, based on the work of people and they named it Brahman,Kshatriya,Vaisya and Shudra.These are the four Varnas of Indian Ancient Society.I also think that all the religion in the world are consisted in Vedic Dharma.The proof is a conversation between one Guru (Teacher) and Shishya (Student) stated in Garud Purana.
Shishya-”Guru,there is horrible situation created in North-west.People are died like animals.No one is happy.Everyone is willing to kill everyone.The situation is not under control.What is the reason behind that and what is the solution for it.”
Guru-”It has to be happened.Every matter on this universe needs an End.Which will result into a new beginning.There will also born a hero.Who will pureed by warfare.He will ride on Camel (According to Manusmriti Laws of Manu,A brahmin or kshatriya can’t ride on camels).He will consume all the things except Meat and Alcohol.He will change the history of that land and will become god for them.”
According to this description,there is only one man born till now and the name none other than Muhammad Paigambar. Who is messenger of Allah for Muslims.I know,Islam is other religion but it is also consisted in Vedic dharma.I am sure that if you study vedic literature carefully you definitely get something which will be a shock for you but it will change all the theories till now.May be I am wrong but logically I am not.
These religions,I think,created because of some people who just want to spread violence on the earth so that they can bake their breads on that.I think,We are just humans our religion is human this whole world is our country.A shloka (Chant) related to the sentence in Vedic Dharma I want to share with you and on this note,Guys,I am Signing Off.