Hindus in Russia Waiting for Justice against Religious Persecution

New Delhi, Delhi, India
People from around the world including India, who signed the Online Petition on Change.org to unite the Hindu community in Russia against religious persecution by some radical elements are waiting for justice to be delivered. The lawsuit against the website that has been publishing vile content against Hinduism and its followers in Russia has now been delayed due to the introduction of a new person by the defendants as the one really responsible for the website and its content. This website is being actively used as a tool to attack Hinduism for more than a year with an intention to subjugate the minority population of Hindus in Russia.

Mr. Prasun Prakash, the initiator of this petition and the Director of Public Communications and Cultural Development at the Centre for Promotion of Conservation and Development of Indian Culture “Shri Prakash Dham” in Moscow, Russia, said, “It is clear attempt to derail, or at best, delay the legal proceedings, which are going in our favour. Our online petition has garnered immense support with over 15,000 people signing up to express their solidarity with the Hindus in Russia against religious persecution.”

Mr. Prakash’s petition makes an earnest plea to the people, government authorities and media in Russian Federation and India including the heads of both states, Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both countries, Mr. Sergey Lavrov and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj among others. Mr. Prakash has been fighting against the onslaught of misinformation and lies being spread against Hinduism by one Mr. Alexander Dvorkin, who has been regularly posting slanderous online messages against the minority Hindu community in Russia and hurting the feelings of its followers. He has been more specifically targeting Mr. Prakash’s family and his organisation, using them as a scapegoat in his evil plans. Seeing the viciousness of his messages and their growing intensity, Mr. Prakash initiated a lawsuit for libel against the online platform iriney.ru where Mr. Dvorkin primarily airs his repugnant views. Pursuant to this, a group of people were sent to terrorize and threaten Mr. Prakash and his family at their own residence.

The particular court hearing on January 19, 2017, was expected to be the final one, and everyone was expecting a decision in favour of the plaintiff, but the defendants presented a decoy playing the role of the new administrator of the extremist website that Mr. Prasun Prakash has filed the lawsuit against. This development further delayed the hearing, which now stands postponed for 13th of February as this person must be included as a defendant in the lawsuit and the judicial process will now start anew.

“What worries me a little is that the delay offers a chance to these extremist elements to try and intimidate us. They want us to give in and stop us from fighting to safeguard the honor of Hinduism. There can be no doubt that this is yet another shameless attempt by these people to buy more time to continue discrediting my religion Hinduism, my Father Shri Prakash Ji, my family and millions of Hindus around the world,” added Mr. Prakash.

Mr. Prakash and his family have been the victim of an unprovoked attack at their home on 11th December, 2016. And now, his family members clearly heard Mr. Dvorkin giving out information about where he studies and where his family lives and giving out names of my dear ones, while standing in the court corridor with a few people that appeared real shady.

“Our adversaries may have unlimited resources and extremely vile intentions, but we have decided to keep fighting for our rights. Even through these difficult times, and even with the eminent threat of attacks on me and my family, we continue to have full faith in Russia’s judicial system and have no doubt that eventually, justice will prevail. With people from all corners of the world continuing to support our cause to safeguard Hinduism in Russia, we, once again, humbly implore the governments of both countries, India and Russia, to pay attention to the matter and help reign in the radical elements against Hindus in Russia and just let us all live in peace,” Mr. Prakash further added.

Mr. Prakash aims to carry forward his campaign with the conviction that when a country like India, having a majority population of Hindus, can safeguard Christianity and its followers, Russia can definitely offer the same to its minority Hindu population. He has requested all his friends, acquaintances and the general public to pay attention to the nefarious activities of Mr. Alexander Dvorkin, his masters, and his accomplices, as they are clearly against the premises of our modern civilized society and could also lead to the emergence of misunderstanding between Russia and India in future.

“We thank everyone who have signed this petition as your support is what gives us the hope that we shall win this battle that we are waging against radicals threatening Hinduism in general, and Hindus in Russia in particular. We request you to please share this petition with your friends on all the social platforms so that this issue gets the attention it deserves,” concluded Mr. Prakash.

For further information, or to help Mr. Prakash in his mission, one can sign and share his petition with all of their friends at this URL: https://goo.gl/sj8nHl.

Source: Businesswireindia.com