Hindu’s Shrikrishna Jayanti – spiritual experiences related to Krishna

Given below are the spiritual experiences related to Krishna (ShriKrishna), received while chanting Shrikrishna’s name, on the day of Shrikrushna Jayantī, by seekers following the path of Gurukrupāyoga.

  • Realising that the colours rose pink, yellow and blue represent the qualities of love for others (prēmbhāv), knowledge (dnyān) and devotion (bhakti) respectively and that they are completely present in Shrikrushna

On 26th August, 2005 (7:30am – 8:00am) while chanting Shrikrushna’s name, I thought “Why is Shrikrushna’s scarf (shela) pink, his dhoti (Pitāmbar) yellow and his skin blue?” I immediately got a thought in response that, “These colours represent love for others, knowledge and devotion respectively and they symbolise the fact that these qualities are completely (100%) present in Shrikrushna.”

  • Only a seeker who has purity and sacredness can enter Shrikrushna’s abode (lok)

    On 26th August, 2005 between 4:30pm to 5:00pm I saw a perimeter of silk thread. I asked God (Īshwar) “What is this?” At that time I got the answer that “This perimeter is that of Shrikrushna’s abode. It is the epitome of purity and sacredness and only a seeker with those qualities can cross this perimeter to enter His abode.

  • When the chariot containing Shrikrushna’s pictures (chitra-rath) was passing, the Shrikrushna principle (tattva) was activated. I felt that Shrikrushna was with me and my spiritual emotion (bhāv) was awakened

    At 10:00pm on 26th August, 2005 when the chariot of Shrikrushna was passing by my home, I felt that the people participating in the procession and I, are all gopikās, and all of us are in Bliss (Ānand) due to being in the company of Shrikrushna. I realised that the Shrikrushna principle had activated upto 7%. I felt the positive vibrations on my head and my spiritual emotion was awakened with a feeling that I am with Shrikrushna.

  • At the time of Shrikrushna’s birth, I saw Shrikrushna merging with the form of Param Pujya Doctor (the founder of FHA)

    I was sitting for meditation on 26th August, 2005 at the time of Shrikrushna’s birth. I saw his various forms and saw the blue particles of Divine consciousness (Chaitnaya). At the end, I saw Shrikrushna merging with the form of Param Pujya Doctor. He laughed and said “We are not different but a single entity.”

    – A Seeker, Ramnathi, Goa, India

  • On the day of Gokulashtamī , I saw that I was offering Holy basil spikes (tulsī manjiri) at H.H. Doctor’s feet. He told everyone that He had come to give subtle knowledge to everyone

    On Shrikrushna Jayanti (Gokulashtami) (26th August, 2005) between 4:00pm to 5:00pm, I was doing Shrikrushna’s chanting.At about 4:30pm I saw that H.H. Doctor was giving guidance to all seekers. Many seekers were sitting in front of Him and I was offering the Holy basil spikes at His feet.  H.H. Doctor was saying, “I am calling everyone. Come, I am sitting here to give you subtle knowledge but no one is coming. I give (subtle knowledge) to those who come.” He laughed a lot after saying these words.

    – A Seeker, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

Spiritual experiences on the night of Shrikrushna Jayanti (Janmāshtamī)

  • On Shrikrushna janmaashtami prayers got done automatically and went into a meditative state with a feeling of the body getting lifted up: “O God Krushna, just as you rescued Devaki (Shrikrushna’s mother) from Kansa’s (Devaki’sbrother & Shrikrushna’s uncle) prison, please rescue me from my personality defects and ego. Please help me progress spiritually. This is a prayer at your Holy feet!” After offering this prayer, I went into a meditative state and felt so light that I sensed that I am being lifted upwards.

    – A Seeker, Ramnathi, Goa, India.

  • After praying to Shrikrushna I got a thought to go to Gokul (Shrikrushna’s childhood home), for doing pūjā (ritualistic worship) on the banks of the Yamuna river, and saw Shrikrushna playing the flute. After performing His puja, I offered tulsi (Holy basil) leaves at his Holy feet along with chanting. He disappeared after that: On the Gokulaashtami day (4th September, 2007) I went to the meditation room (dhyān mandir) and told Shrikrushnathat I want to do Your puja today and asked Him to tell me how to perform the puja. I got the thought that I should go to Gokuland perform the puja. I kept the spiritual emotion that I was Radha, and saw that Shrikrushna was standing under a tree on the banks of the river Yamuna, playing the flute. I kept a short wooden table there and asked Him to stand on it. I made a garland of Holy basil leaves and placed around His neck. I put the tilak on his forehead and performed His puja. I milked the cows grazing nearby and gave that milk to Shrikrushna. He saved a little milk for me which I drank as Holy water (Tīrtha). Later I sat near Shrikrushna’s Holy feet offering tulsi leaves and chanting. After that He disappeared.

    – A Seeker, Ramnathi, Goa, India.

  • While doing sēvā (service unto truth), I saw Shrikrushna’s baby form in the photo and the heart of H.H. BhaktarajMaharaj (spiritual master of the founder of FHA). I felt that He was performing the seva for me and perceived that the āshram (hermitage) is Gokul. I also had the resolve of destroying the demons in the form of personality defects just as Shrikrushna destroyed negative energies: On the day of Gokulashtami (26th August, 2005) at 5:40pm I was putting the chanting strips (nāmpatti) on H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s photo.  At that time I saw Shrikrushna in His baby form looking through the picture and smiling at me. I felt that my seva was being done perfectly. On the same day at 7:00pm, when I was doing seva in the kitchen, I felt that Shrikrushna in His child form was present in my soul and He was doing the seva through me. I had the realisation that the ashram was in fact Gokul. I resolved that just as Shrikrushna performed service unto truth, righteous conduct (Dharmaācharan) and destruction of evil demonic energies, I must also destroy the demon (asur) Kansa in the form personality defects and ego within me.

    – A Seeker, Ramnathi Goa, India. 

  • On Shrikrushna Janmaashtami, I was feeling blissful from the morning. I felt that the chanting of Shrikrushna is coming out from the top portion of my head (brahmaarandhra) and felt that my subtle body is coming out and merging with H.H. Doctor Athavale’s Holy feet. I also sensed that the Shrikrushna principle was spreading throughout my body through the Kundalinī chakra’s (spiritual energy centres in the body) after having sacrament: On the day of Shrikrushna Jayanti (26th August, 2005) I was feeling blissful from the morning. I was performing an urgent seva very slowly, yet was not feeling any pressure or tension and was in a blissful state. At 11:45pm, during Shrikrushna’s birth, while chanting just before the Āratī (ritual of waving lit lamps), I saw each chant going from the mulaadhaar chakra (spiritual energy centre at the base of the spine) to the brahmaarandhra (spiritual energy centre slightly above ones head). At that time my mind was stable and at peace. After that during the puja my thoughts started reducing. While the pujawas going on, I saw the Divine consciousness coming from Shrikrushna and spreading towards the seekers. I could only say the first verse of the aarti (devotional song). My mind became blank after that. Immediately I felt that my subtle body came out of my body, and went towards H.H. Doctor Athavale’s room and merged into His Holy feet. I tried to see exactly where it had gone within His feet, but I realised that it has merged completely into his feet and that duality does not exist. As soon as theArati was over, my subtle body returned to my gross body. The sweetness of the sacrament (prasad) given after the Arati was everlasting. I sensed that the Shrikrushna principle from the sacrament was spreading throughout my body through theKundalini chakra’s. Throughout the occasion, I did not feel any distress due to negative energies.

    – A Seeker, Ramnathi, Goa, India.

  • While performing Arati, I saw a small form of myself within a transparent sphere which came out of my heart: While performing the Arati I became very small. Small transparent spheres started coming out of my heart and were revolving in a clockwise direction around my head. In these small spheres, I saw a small image of myself. About one foot above my head these spheres were disintegrating. 


    – A Seeker, Ramnathi, Goa, India.

  • I received the signs of the arrival of the Shrikrushna principle within the idol of Shrikrushna after I prayed for it and cleaned the pathway. The arrival of Shrikrushna principle in the idol was announced through the blowing breeze and sound of bells. Shrikrushna told me that the vehicle I was waiting for, will not come, until you take mydarshan (view and pay obeisance). When I took darshan the vehicle came immediately: During theGurupournimā seva ( the celebration of the teaching principle of God) I was waiting outside the Shrikrushna temple for a vehicle. A lot of leaves had fallen on the path leading to the temple. A thought crossed my mind, ”Is the Shrikrushna principle present here when there is so much dirt?” I picked up all the leaves and prayed to Shrikrushna, ”Let Your principle enter this idol and let all the devotees benefit from it.” Then I thought, ”How will I come to know if the Shrikrushna principle has actually entered the idol?” Immediately a cool breeze started blowing and the bells of the temple started ringing, but I did not understand the meaning of that. I asked Shrikrushna the same question again. The cool breeze blew and the temple bells rang once more. Then I started chanting Shree Ganapati and Deity Māruti (Hanumān) alternately. The breeze and bells stopped. I asked Shrikrushna that even though the principle within Him, Shree Ganapati and Deity Hanuman is the same, why did the breeze and bells stop? Immediately the breeze started to blow and the bells started to ring again. When I paid obeisance to Shrikrushna from outside the temple, He told me, “Till you come inside the temple and pay obeisance the vehicle that you are waiting for will not come.” I went inside and paid obeisance. As soon as I stepped out, the vehicle arrived.

Source: Forum for Hindu Awakening