Illegal transportation of cows to cow-slaughter house stopped by Hindu activists


Mumbra and Pali (Maharashtra) : Devout Hindus stopped the illegal transportation of cows to slaughter house by fanatics at Daighar area in Mumbra and at Pali (Taluka Sudhagad, District Raigad). (Hindu activists come to know the illegal transportation of cow; but why police do not know about it ? Shall we believe that they have some connections with butchers ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Reporting this matter to the police station, the cows were taken to the cowshed. (Congratulations to the Hindus from Mumbra and Pali for protecting the cows jointly ! Learning from this Hindus in other areas should stop the cow slaughter constitutionally ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
Calfs released due to alert Hindu activists at Daighar !

There was traffic jam at 7 pm. at Daighar. That time Mr. Harshal Prabhu of Bajrang Dal and Mr. Kartik Salunkhe of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) realised that there were 6 calves in a 4 wheeler When they inquired with the driver of the car Azahar, he did not have the licence. He lied to them saying that he was taking those calved to a goshala. Mr. Prabhu called Mr. Motiram Gondhali, coordinator of Bajrang Dai, Mumbra section to the venue. Azahar got scared. He admitted that he was taking the calves to slaughter house. The activists handed over Azahar to the police and the calves were sent to the goshala at Anagao.
Hindu activists stopped transportation of cows jointly !

Mr. Rajendra Raut, Sudhagad Taluka pramukh of Shivsena had a doubt that cows were being transported in a tempo coming from Khadsambale. He stopped the tempo and inquired with the driver Mahamad; but the driver did not answer properly. So Mr. Raut called Mr. Umesh Madhavi, Mr. Jitendra Jain, Goshala President of Jain community and other cow-sympathisers to the venue. Around 60 – 70 sympathisers gathered at the venue. They opposed the transportation of the cows to the slaughter house and registered a complaint at the police station against Mahamad and the owner of the tempo, Gulam Pansare and The cow was taken to the goshala. The devout Hindus present there expressed their resolve of establishing an action committee for giving protection to cows. In this incident invaluable assistance was given by Adv. Mr. Thakur of Bajrang dal.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat