Immersion of Hindu’s Lord Ganesha Idol from Old Pier Not Permitted

Youth taking small Vinayaka idols for immersion in the sea in Puducherry on Sunday | G PATTABIRAMANPUDUCHERRY: The Port authorities in Puducherry have banned the immersion of Lord Ganesha idols from the old pier, located near  the government-run hotel on the beach, citing the weakness of the structure protruding into the sea.

The authorities have given a letter to this effect to the organisers of the immersion of idols, which would be held in three days.

Hindu Munnani leader Sanil Kumar told Express on Sunday that the information about the ban was conveyed to them during a meeting organised by the police officials. He added that the port authorities informed them about the curbs without making any alternative arrangements or suggesting sites for immersion.

The Hindu Munnani leader said the authorities pointed out the fact about the weakness of the pier that was revealed in a study by a group of engineering students.

Sanil Kumar said the restriction could have been intimated well in advance so that arrangements could have been made for the smooth process of idol immersion.

“They waited till the last minute. Now only a day (Monday) is left for getting the necessary permissions from the police and administration, “he added.

The port officials said the decision of not allowing immersions from the old pier was taken as it was found to be weak and could pose a danger to human lives, if permitted. The police officials, however, told the organisers to immerse the idols at Vamapkeerapalayam and Kurusukuppam.

But the Hindu Munnani leader said they were now planning to get a huge crane from Chennai and conduct the idol immersion by stationing it in front of the Dupleix statue.

Over 200 big and small Vinayaga idols are expected to be taken out on September 2 for immersion. 

Source: The New Indian Express