India Day Parade – JFH Helps Launch/Makes Cover Of “India World Geopolitics” New Paper


India Day Parade – JFH Helps Launch/Makes Cover Of “India World Geopolitics” New Paper

Sunday August 16th, 2015 – India Day Parade NYC – The Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF), headed by Narain Kataria, Arish Sahani and Pabitra Chaudhuri ( launches an official newspaper for the outfit. The title of the paper is “India World Geopolitics”.  The 40 page news paper contains articles on issues facing Hindus such as human rights violations against Hindu minorities in Bangladesh and Pakistan, the lingering psychological damage done upon the Hindu psyche by British colonialists, and testimonials by converted Hindus on the need for a stronger Hindu Politic. You can download a PDF version of the entire newspaper here:India World_Layout 1 (6)  JFH members helped distribute the magazine to attendees and news media booths at the parade. The paper went into the hands of thousands of Hindus from the diaspora and onto the tables of top Indian news papers such as Desi Talk, India Abroad, Zee News, The South Asian Times, Rediff and more. An article about JFH member Adity Sharma was featured on the front cover of the magazine. Adity Sharma is a law student and St. John’s university, was instrumental in making JFH a legal organization, and she is also the mind behind JFH’s “Swastika Campaign” [learn more about Adity’s campaing (here)]. The article featured on the front cover was written by JFH president Vincent Bruno and praised Adity as being the perfect role model for Hindu youth today, a young Hindu who stays religiously, socially and politically active in the community despite any set backs.  Our front cover article and pictures from the event are below.


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“Adity Sharma is a shining example for all young Hindus around the world. Born in India, from Delhi, she experienced many difficulties in life due to extreme vision impairments. Despite this obstacle, Adity succeeded at school and is now studying law at St. Johns University in New York, America. While she is focusing on her studies, Adity has not lost sight of her duty to Hindu dharma. Adity writes articles on issues that face Hindus for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and other websites. She has a sharp understanding about the threats the Hindus face and a good vision for empowering Hindus through knowledge to face these threats.  Her determination to do something to help the Hindu cause led her to join Justice For Hindus (JFH), a NYC based Hindu activist group which demonstrates on behalf of Hindu rights on issues like genocide and kidnappings of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Using her legal training, Adity has helped legitimize the organization by drafting its legal documents and crafting its mission statements. Though it must be difficult, Adity makes sure she gets about and attends events that are important to the Hindu cause. Despite the hassles, Adity was sure to make it to the United Nation on 9/27/14 to welcome Prime Minister Modi to the USA and defend his honor against vicious attacks from Islamist separatists. Adity Sharma is a good example for the Hindu youth today. Despite any difficulties she may have, she does not forget about the bigger picture of Hinduism and she is willing to put in work and effort to help her people and her religion succeed. In one year’s time, Adity should be a fully trained lawyer ready to work for Hindus everywhere. Everyone believes she has a bright future in our modern Hindu revival.” – India World_Layout 1 (6)


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