Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation will manage the community centre in Weston Favell


The final two community centres will be transferred to community groups this month who will bring the buildings back into use as the heart of local life.

The management of Parklands Community Centre and Weston Favell Parish Hall have been transferred to two local organisations.

The Parklands Community Association have taken on the local community centre. And the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation will manage the community centre in Weston Favell.

A review of community centres found that many were under-used and failed to meet the needs of local people. Transferring community centres to local groups has helped restore the buildings to being community assets that better cater to the needs of local people.

Northampton Borough Council has now transferred all 21 community centres to local groups.

Councillor Brandon Eldred, Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet member for community engagement, said: “People who live in an area have the best idea of what their community needs. Both Parklands Community Association and Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation have years of experience in working closely with local people and are committed to providing the services and facilities local people want.

“These are exactly the types of group we want managing community centres as we know they will work tirelessly to make it the centre of the community and somewhere local people will take pride in.”

Neelam Aggarwal-Singh MBE, of the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation, said: “IHWO management committee and members of the Hindu community are absolutely excited about this important milestone in the life of Northampton Hindu community, as for the first time Hindus of Northampton have a place of their own. We look forward to continue our partnership with existing user groups and bring on board new users to ensure the WFPH is budging with people, users who will introduce new events and activities.”

Source: Northampton Chronicle