Indian Italians demand quick trial of marines Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano La Torre – ​Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal , ​National Secretary BJP Kisan Morcha

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Indian Italians demand quick trial of marines Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano La Torre – Grewal

Italy ( Lusiana, Veneto ) 23 February 2015 –


National Secretary BJP Kisan Morcha and Prabhari Himachal Pradesh, Advocate 


Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal who is on a final day of European Tour . The three country your finally comes to an end in Italy today. Grewal thanked everyone for making his stay a pleasant one. Grewal declared and promised to all Indians who live in Italy “this friend of yours from Bhukhari Kalan a village in ludhiana district of Punjab, India will not disappoint them as your Edvige Antonia Albina Maino alias Ms.Sonia Gandhi the princess of Luciana did”, who should have atleast addressed there feelings and demands  but as we all know she barely has time for political affairs because she stays too busy spoon feeding Mr Rahul Gandhi. The Indians residing in Italy questions Edvige Antonia Albina Maino, an Italian, re-christened as Sonia Gandhi, commitment towards Indians residing  in her birthland Italy who were ignored completely when UPA goverment was in power.

Grewal presiding over his last meeting of his European tour was deeply touched by the level of expectations every indian living in Italy expects from Indian goverment , Indian Italians demand quick trial of the two Italian marines who were taken into custody On 15 February 2012, Italian Navy marines operating as “privately contracted armed guards” on-board an Italian-flagged commercial oil tanker MT Enrica Lexie , opened fire in direction of an approaching fishing boat and caused the deaths of two Indian fishermen.

BJP Leader Grewal said the matter is sub judice with hon’ Supreme Court of India and at the same time it should not hamper the diplomatic and overall relations of the two countries. Listening to the representatives of  Hindu union Grewal pointed out from one of there speakers, “Italy and India are two great countries with extraordinary cultural, religious similarities rich of an ancient wisdom that continues to live in time, precipitates appear in a bind in which life and man appear excluded. Orbit of the law that purports to build a world of their own, in its own right, in which although legitimate discussion of sovereignty, jurisdiction and competence has  of fact given the neglect of merit and the higher meaning of the concept of Justice and as we remember the Mahabharata saying “there is no justice higher than truth”.

So maybe we should go back to the truth of the facts of that 15th February 2012 albeit in the reconstruction made of them by the Indian police so as summarised in the decision in May 2012  court of Kerala. Now those events both in the Indian Penal than in Italian may possibly set up a liability for manslaughter, due to a possible erroneous representation of a real threat to an alleged act of piracy. But there is no doubt the same findings of fact operated by the local police that there was in the work of the Italian soldiers criminal action intentionally directed to cause the death of the two Indian fishermen, which are always present in the prayers of the Hindus Italian.

Now, the penalty established for this offense man slaughter never exceed both in Italy and in India five years  in India  is known the principle legislation under which, on remand, the lawful custody staff may never exceed half the sentence comminabile. These considerations lead us to conclude that, obviously, Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano La Torre  after spending two years and half under the deprivation of liberty would already free only if their condition was assessed serenely light of the criminal justice systems of both countries. We know that in countries of high civilization entity such as Italy and India, political and judicial order are obviously separated. We are the equally aware, however, that a green policy or even its declared”. Grewal today visited the Lusiana, Veneto, Italy born place of Edvige Antonia Albina Maino, an Italian, re-christened as Sonia Gandhi. In this village a memorandum given there in favour of Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano La Torre.

At this time Itlay BJP President Shri Satish Kumar Joshi, Shri Surender Kumar Asand, Shri Sandeep Talhan, Shri Ashok Kumar Talhan and Amandip Singh was with him. Grewal said that he is feeling very proud that his has come from his village Bhukhari Kalan, Ludhiana, Punjab, India to Ms. Sonia’s village Lusiana, Veneto, Italy. Upon hearing this Grewal said he feels proud to be an Indian and was so moved to see the loyalty which Italian Indians are showing towards  Italy . He said no one else can show this degree of loyalty and promised his voice will there’s when he will land in New Delhi.

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