Indian political party Trinamool Congress excessive Muslims appeasement irks Hindus in Bengal

downloadLok Sabha election is round the corner and even if there is a Modi wave across India, none is ready to vacate the war front and hence, the saga of good governance and an assortment of assurances prevail the Indian political arena. Trinamool Congress is also not lagging, naturally and therefore, to retain its predominance and also to fortify it, the Bengal government, under the reign of Trinamool Congress, is busy to win Muslim community these days. The statement is enough to propel a bystander to ask the same question, “Is this anything new?” No it is not but the sane person is advised to go through this to check the bankruptcy of Indian politics once more.

To maintain its control and also to strengthen its own destiny, Bengal government is back and with an assortment of proposals and wise intentions for the Muslim community, the only minority class that is recognized by all in Bengal. Only a few days back, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, while she was in North Bengal, issued a statement that all madrasas (even if they are not recognized by the government) will be brought under madrasa education council and through this the age-old message got apparent once more – Bengal government has sleepless nights to better Muslim population in the state. What’s of other minority communities and their own aspirations in the educational sector? The government has not time to think for them as they do hardly matter in the electoral scenario.

If you want to know more, you shall have to read the budget of West Bengal for 2014-15, made public officially on February 17 (Monday). Apart from conceiving of a 16 percent increase in its own tax collection, the government has announced copious projects for departments like Panchayat, Rural Development and certainly, Minority Affairs. As per government’s own records, the allocation for the minority affairs and madrasa education has risen by 102 percent for the coming fiscal. The project of constructing residences for people of minority community or one particular community entails an amount Rs. 414 crores. Again, 18 minority houses are being built in various districts across the state whereas 109 marketing centres for these houses will also be initiated. The government is determined to increase the edge of OBC (Other Backward Caste) Muslims also. What’s the government’s viewpoint then? Is it related to business or portrayal of communal harmony? Confusion persists, indeed.

Is there anything for the majority community at all? The government has not brushed Hindus aside and this is best found in its own attempts to repair the Dangar Ayee Temple, located at Gunjabari in Cooch Behar. Even if Devottar Trust plays the key role, MLA fund will also be used to make the project a success. What’s of employment of Hindu youths? It can’t be as they are part of a greater society; while, Muslims form a distinct community with the virility to change election’s fate somewhat.

Today, a friend, appearing disillusioned over murky Indian politics nowadays, asked me in roadside tea stall, “What is Hindus’ take?” I, feared of secular cadres around, stopped him hurriedly stating, “How can you be so communal?”

Source: Hindu Samhati