Muslims extremists brutally thrash Hindu school teacher in Indian state of Bengal

downloadBids to free school from Hindu teachers in full swing

On February 14, 2014, Malancha High School for boys located in Shantipur within the jurisdiction of the police station of Shantipur in the district of Nadia witnessed the turbulence of Jihad, waged by no less than thousands of radical Muslims in the neighborhood. It has been learnt, problem started with a single teacher in the school named Krishna Kanta Ray, known for his generosity to the students in the school and also for professional prowess. Malancha High School has a vast population of students but since the majority of students are Muslims, Saraswati Puja is not allowed within the school’s premises. Hindu teachers of the school, hence, decided to observe the event informally on February 14 and through organizing a small get together among them in the morning. It has to be noted, hallowed day of Devi Saraswati Puja was on February 4 or Tuesday. As a result, none of the teachers apprehended any problem even in their dreams also. Krishna Kanta Ray lives in Kalyani Gayeshpur.

Contrary to their expectations, protests to the informal get together started from the early hours of the school and hundreds of Muslims were found to pour out of the adjacent mosque following namaz and advancing to the school. According to locals, around 200 students from a nearby madrasa joined the march also. Within a few minutes, thousands of Muslims from the neighborhood reached the school and all were demanding Krishna Kanta Ray and calling his names for insulting Islam. Popular perception realized that the informal get together to observe Saraswati Puja was termed as a monstrous act against Islam. The situation was enough to stun and petrify Hindu teachers, not to speak of Krishna Kanta Ray, and hence, they couldn’t find any way to escape the public wrath. In a little while, the violent Islamic mob barged into the school and attacked the hapless teachers. However, Krishna Kanta Ray could manage to save himself as he took shelter in the third floor of the school. But other Hindu teachers were not so lucky and became victim of mob fury. Not only they were insulted but each of them had to bear severe blows also.

To calm the situation down, local police station was phoned and shortly, two police vans appeared there to rescue ill-fated Hindu teachers. But the police contingent had to flee due to attacks on it by the violent mob. To save the situation and also teachers, police station contacted the District Magistrate’s office. A representative of the DM’s office, along with a large contingent of RAF, appeared there at last and rescued teachers including Krishna Kanta Ray. On the word of locals, while the rescue operation was going on, radical Muslims attempted to grab Krishna Kanta Ray. When it turned out to be of no avail, the mob demanded arrest of Krishna Kanta Ray for outraging Islamic religious feeling. Even if he was not guilty, Krishna Kanta Ray was arrested and bailed out on the next day. Meanwhile, he phoned Ajoy Dey, local MLA, to save him. Ajoy Dey didn’t turn up but sent his confidant Abdul Salim Karikar. Abdul went to the school but virtually fled after seeing the mob fury.

There is another reason behind this awful thrashing, according to Soumya Biswas (named changed and a terrified Hindu student of the school). Somuya told that a week before Krishna Kanta Ray, while teaching in a class, had found a few students unmindful. When the reason was asked they replied that they had been listening to the azan from the neighboring mosque. Krishna Kanta Babu asked them to concentrate more on their studies. This act of Krishna Kanta Ray has also provoked Muslims to go against him. Islamists have already threatened to murder him. They will not allow his return to school and are going to unleash a campaign soon to free the school from Hindu teachers.

While shocked Krishna Kanta Ray is at his own residence, Hindus in the area are panic-stricken.

Source: Hindu Samhati