Indonesia to grant Diwali holiday to Indians

Diwali_diya_Thinkstock_360x270JAKARTA: The Jakarta administration will grant a one-day holiday to all Indian nationals and Indonesians of Indian descent Wednesday so that they can celebrate Deepavali or the festival of lights.

In a statement, the administration explained that it had met with a representative of the Indian community in order to secure the day-off for those observing the holiday, the Jakarta Post reported.

“The Jakarta Manpower and Transmigration Agency calls for businesses who employ Indian nationals and Indonesians of Indian descent to allow them to celebrate Deepavali Oct 22 by granting them a day-off in accordance with their work rights,” the statement said.

This year Deepavali falls Wednesday and Thursday and involves a series of grand and solemn ceremonies to mark the victory of light and goodness over darkness and evil.

According to the website of the Indian embassy in Jakarta, there are around 100,000 Indonesians of Indian origin and 10,000 Indian nationals living in Indonesia.

Source: The Times of India