Infuriating happening in anti-Hindu St. Joseph School at Panvel


  • Infuriating happening in anti-Hindu St. Joseph School at Panvel !
  • Hindu parents, enroll your children in Marathi medium schools and be proud of your mother tongue; rather than falling prey to conversion openly taking place through pro-Christian Convent Schools!
  • Hindus need to note that it is not just a prayer but it is the first step towards conspiracy of conversion !

Panvel (Maharashtra) : In April 2014, a social work-shop was conducted by St. Joseph’s School at Sambhajinagar through which conspiracy was hatched to convert students during the said work-shop. Many students were forced to pray to Jesus every day. When one girl student said that she would pray to her worshiped Deity, she too was forced to pray to Jesus. (Why should there be insistence to pray only to Jesus ? St. Joseph School needs to be condemned for trying to convert students clandestinely! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Students passing 9th standard in this school, are compulsorily taken to such camp every year.

1. A play was first shown in that work-shop. It was shown that a rich person had many addictions and he had spoilt his life. One person tells the rich man to surrender to Jesus Christ who would take care of everything.

2. Later, director of the school came on the stage crying and prayed to Jesus that ‘O Jesus, take care of all students. End all our sorrows.’

3. The director then said to the students, “Pray to Jesus for dead persons in your family and for their future progress.” Then all students also started crying. Thus for one hour prayers were made by students while crying.

4. One Hindu girl was not crying at that time. One teacher asked her about it. She said, “I sit with my God and cry. I cannot cry here.” The teacher was forcing that girl to make prayer to Jesus. She was firm about not praying to Jesus. Then the teacher prayed to Jesus for her. The girl was, however, praying in her mind to her worshipped Deity. (Congratulations to the girl student who exhibited love and respect towards her Dharma ! Such devout Hindu girl students are true strength of Hindu Dharma ! Hindus should keep such devout Hindu girl student as their ideal who did not fall prey to conversion conspiracy of Christians ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)  

5. Then, prayer-song of Jesus was played and everyone was dancing and singing to its tune.

6. One person used to tell a story from Bible in the work-shop every day; highlighting superiority of Jesus. Such prayers used to be held in the afternoon as also in the evening. All three times, first a Hindi song used to be played and as students used to get engrossed in dancing on its tune, songs praising Jesus used to be played.

Devout Hindus are registering their protest on the following contact number of the school !

St. Joseph High School, Panvel – (022) 27462043

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti